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Should Your Medical School Personal Statement be Emotional?

The medical school personal statement isn't another emotionless research paper -- it's actually better if you show your feelings in your personal statement.
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The Trick to Writing the Medical School Secondary Application

Right after you submit your primary (AMCAS) application, medical schools immediately begin to send out the secondary application. On the surface, the secondary application appears straight-forward: "Respond to these essay prompts and make sure not to exceed the word limit."
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Jorge Aguirre and Rafael Rosado Hit Big WIth 'Giants Beware'

Celebrating graphic novels with Jorge Aguirre and Rafael Rosado and their book "Giants Beware" (First Second Books).
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How is a Mom to wake up to the news this morning and not go raving mad and quit her job and grab onto her children with both arms and hold them endlessly?  Those hapless tornado victims and families in Moore, Oklahoma and in the Plaza Towers Elementary School who took a dead-on direct hit.  How could this happen? By chance, this morning my 12 year old heads off on a school camping trip with an unacceptable 100% chance of thunderstorms in the forecast today which of course only decreases to 60% tomorrow and even the next day.   What are the chances of such a dismal outlook?  I obsessively scan......
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do no harm

Gosnell guilty.  Babies everywhere can take a deep breath, knowing their brethren won’t get scissors in the spine.   Three little preemies were born unwanted but born indisputably alive --  but not for long.  He made sure of that, putting scissors in their little necks. So called doctor Gosnell, the man with the $1.8 million dollar a year business was found guilty of multiple murders and will never harm another little neck.  Actually, some of those necks were not so little – one baby breathed for twenty minutes before being stabbed.  Another baby, Gosne......
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The Queen’s Power: A Leadership Fable

Once there was a powerful African Queen who ruled over a prosperous land. When asked about the source of her power, she gazed at her questioner with a mysterious smile. “That I cannot share with you.” Her land stretched from golden shores to forested mountains. Years before, the plains had been rendered dusty by overgrazing, but they were once again a sea of green crops. Small villages crowded the landscape like spots on a cheetah’s back. They buzzed with chickens scratching and children scampering. The women sang while stripping cornhusks, and the men wove hunting tales and watched their p......
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Graduation Day With the Appropriate Jitters

With graduation day comes all the jitters, and realization that the real work begins.
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"yes parenting"

Any too-busy-studying-to-worry-but-have-never-have-held-a-baby-clueless new parents out there?  Like me on kid number one (despite being a freshly minted child psychiatrist)? My poor number one kid. When my husband wisely voiced concerns about fitting a baby into our lives, I happily showed him a corner of our one bedroom apartment where the baby would fit perfectly.  And, I meant it.  Fifteen years later, I look at my now six foot two tall number one and recall that he never actually did fit in that corner.  As a baby, the poor colicky baby never left my arms. However, by kid three I thankf......
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Moroccan Desert Inspires Christine Brodien-Jones' 'Scorpions'

Author Christine Brodien-Jones is always up for adventure. At least, judging by her middle-grade novels she seems to be. A former journalist, editor, and teacher, Christine brings a spirit of inquiry and excitement to her writing. The Owl Keeper (Delacorte, 2010) tells the story of a brave young forest boy who must overcome the powers of the dark by harnessing the ancient forces of the owls. And her forthcoming The Glass Puzzle, which will be published by Delacorte in July, pits an 11-year-old girl and her cousin against sinister forces in a sleepy seaside town in Wales. In her thrilling fant......
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Physician leadership coach on "Leading Clinicians & Clinicians Leading"

Despite what you may hope, Accountable Care Organizations and Patient Centered Medical Homes are here to stay and demand heightened physician leadership. As a physician coach working currently with colleagues in various physician leadership training programs, I appreciate that this is no easy skillset for us doctors, who have been trained in the "I'll write the order and tell you what to do" model, to acquire! Here then is a brief summary of a useful NEJM article on physician leadership geared mainly to those physicians who don't have full-time executive or administrative titles but who instea......
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The Great Housing Search. . . With a Two-Year-Old

House hunting for a place to live during residency with a toddler in tow.
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Celebrate Earth Day With Esme Raji Codell's 'Seed by Seed'

Author Esme Raji Codell's "Seed by Seed" offers a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day.
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Seven secrets to becoming a successful physician intrapreneur

For the past 7 years, my focus has been working with physician entrepreneurs (actual and wannabes) ... those adventurous souls who set off to brave the wilds of self-employment.   More recently, I've been receiving questions such as this one: "I have an entrepreneurial spirit but my circumstances don't permit me to take a chance on leaving my organization where I have been an established and quite successful medical director for four years. What advice can you give me?"   While I am not in the advice-giving business (coaches don't typically advise -&n......
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Renee Watson's 'Blackbird' Celebrates Harlem Renaissance

Author Renee Watson spotlights lesser-known figure of the Harlem Renaissance with picture book "Harlem's Little Blackbird."
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As I checked out from the dermatology clinic, I sputtered  to the secretary, trying to explain my falling tears. The poor secretary probably was discreetly checking the chart to see what in the world was going on.  It was a routine appointment.  I managed to blurt out that Dr. L was moving.  And, Dr. L had gotten me through cancer.   And, it wasn't even skin cancer. That's all I could manage to say as I recalled the memories of four years ago when my body began sprouting freckles and moles at an alarming rate.  Dr. L listened as I backed up her clinic time and time again, requesting the remov......
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Match Day Aftermath

Cross roads horizonMatch day has come and gone for medical students throughout the country. Some of my classmates were out-of-their-minds happy, and others were left confused how they could have fallen on their list so far. Regardless, we all are now preparing for the next step in our lives. How do I feel about my own match? Well, as a mom to a toddler and the wife to a great husband, deciding how to rank my list was not all about me. If I could have chosen my perfect program and perfect location, my heart would have had me in a big city that I fell in love with a long time ago in my life. I spent a summer in t......
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Laurie Lawlor 's 'Rachel Carson' Shows the Power of One

Laurie LawlorWith Earth Day around the corner, it seems a perfect time to spotlight Laurie Lawlor's terrific non-fiction picture book Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World (Holiday House, 2012). And even better timing is that Laurie and her book will be receiving the prestigious John Burroughs Riverby Award, which recognizes outstanding nature books for young readers, today at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Rachel Carson and Her Book, which is illustrated by Laura Beingessner, has also been named to the ALA Amelia Bloomer Project List for children's books that promote a fem......
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Segregated 1960s Inspired Augusta Scattergood's 'Glory Be'

Augusta Scattergood draws on real-life experiences growing up in the segregated South of the 1960s with her debut middle-grade novel, "Glory Be."
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How to eat an elephant ... one spoon at a time

I have never been a fan of group exercise with its hyper-upbeat classes, pounding music and the need to keep up with the gungho crowd. However, a Groupon coupon many months back lured me into a neighborhood Circuit Works and despite it being exactly that (loudly energized), I have discovered a wholly satisfying way to get a workout. At the beginning of the hour (my "elephant"), I feel a sense of dread ... how am I going to endure this long, hard sixty minutes? At the end, I leave with a sweaty inner glow and a sense of accomplishment that surprises me. I now understand how this works. How I am......
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On life, and death

I’ve been working on trying to schedule one home visit a week lately. It seems that there is usually at least one patient who for a myriad of reasons cannot make the physical trip into clinic. It is not as easy as it sounds to schedule a home visit. Although the patient and family often have flexible schedules, finding a solid hour in my day can be very hard for my staff – especially when the request comes last minute, as it often does. The last few home visits have been with hospice patients. The last two have been patients in similar situations, and I’ve been truly honored to be a part ......
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