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Author-Illustrator Matthew Cordell Draws on Inspiration

Author-illustrator Matthew Cordell creates a wonderful celebration of the unplugged world with "Hello! Hello!" from Disney-Hyperion.
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Judith Bloom Fradin, cheerleader for non-fiction

With more than 150 books to her credit, children's author Judith Bloom Fradin is a cheerleader for non-fiction.
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And the shiny wore off

When I was a little girl, I loved nothing more than the shiny trinkets found in the checkout aisle, at the dollar store or in goodie bags at birthday parties. My most treasured possession at age 5 (besides my imaginary pet goat) was a silver colored ring with a fleck of pink colored plastic "stone". It had been given to me by my kindergarten sweetheart. Wanting to protect the ring from loss, theft, meteorites, and my mom I buried it in a shallow grave under the tree in the kindergarten playground. Where it promptly became forgotten. Eventually, I remembered the ring and spent the rest my kind......
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Ben Hatke and His Hero for All Ages, Zita the Spacegirl

Ben Hatke shares the mysteries behind intergalactic hero Zita the Spacegirl, a perfect read for girls and boys.
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A must have trait for entrepreneurs: Perseverance

Despite the earnest commitment I made at the beginning of the year, I have failed so far. Instead of blogging regularly (well, at least once a week!),  I've fallen into the "I'm so busy, I can't find the time" trap. This even though I have blocks of time set aside on my calendar for writing. Time to get back onto that horse and ride again! So, how should I do this? I am fascinated by what it takes for children to succeed in life, since I have a kid and want good things for her. In addition, my clients are seeking great results and wondering how they can create invigorating new careers or busin......
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Carolyn Crimi on Pugs, Bugs, and What Makes Her Laugh

Carolyn Crimi's latest ruff and tumble read is "Pugs in a Bug," her 13th hilarious picture book.
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My Funny Valentine: Brenda Ferber's 'Yuckiest' Picture Book

Author Brenda Ferber goes straight for the heart with The Yuckiest, Stinkiest, Best Valentine Ever.
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Amy Timberlake Hits the Target With 'One Came Home'

Author Amy Timberlake's interest in birding comes through in her latest middle-grade novel, One Came Home, out this month from Knopf.
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Jacqueline Kelly, author, MD, and Newbery Honoree

Jacqueline KellyWhen Newbery season rolls around, we can't help thinking about our favorite books and personal picks. In honor of one of the top prizes in children's literature, we interview Jacqueline Kelly, recipient of a 2010 Newbery Honor for her debut middle-grade novel, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. Calpurnia Virginia Tate is one of the most memorable characters to come along in children's literature in years. The only girl out of seven children, Callie Vee, as she is known, spends the sweltering days in her sleepy Texas town down by the river with her grandfather. With the story set in 1899, Callie......
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Women physicians thinking of leaving medicine: How can I help?

This blog post is for my women physician readers - or for you to forward to any woman physician you know!   As the host(ess) of the Women Leaving Medicine blog and physician coach owner of The Entrepreneurial MD here, I would love to get your opinion.   I started this Women Leaving Medicine blog over 2 years ago, with an initial post expressing my philosophy and a manifesto. Almost immediately, the blog took on a life of its own as women began finding it and contributing their stories spontaneously. They also began generously supporting one another.   Week after ......
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Innovation, entrepreneurship: in brief a book for physician entrepreneurs

One of the perks of being an active physician blogger is that I am sent books to review from time to time. A book that recently caught my attention is Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare Sector: From Idea to Funding to Launch by Luis G. Pareras MD, from GreenbranchPublishing. I've decided to launch a new category I've titled "Books' Big Ideas" in which I plan to summarize the key ideas in books that I believe have merit for you, my readers. Here is a summary of my first book's Big Ideas, with some author background first. Equipped with an MBA, a PhD and a wealth of experience as ......
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A new resource on creative business ideas for physicians

I recently had the opportunity to interview, by email, Rene Andreasi-Bassi, an intriguing entrepreneur in Holland (non-physician), who founded and now manages a website offering creative startup ideas, potential business ideas, business ideas for beginner entrepreneurs and business ideas for college students.   I posed the following questions:   1. What are the main ideas behind your business, buymyidea?   "The main reason for starting my online business was based on the fact that I want to act upon my passions in life. In my case, this is generating cr......
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A non-clinical career - steps to achieve the success you are seeking

Once in a while, I coach a physician whose journey to a non-clinical career is so smooth, it is nothing short of perfection. I recently enjoyed this opportunity with a physician client who came to me with a one year-long plan to transition from her current clinical role into some kind of non-clinical job whose description she did not yet even have! She had a very clear timeline based on the exit demands of her current clinical position and was ready to get into action. What struck me most about our initial interactions was how realistic her expectations were! After diligently identifying what......
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Day One...

is quickly approaching. The remaining days are filled with squeezing every last glorious drop out of this beautiful late summer, kissing chubby baby cheeks, parading to the park, hiking to waterfalls, exploring our new city, and trying to remember that I do know enough to practice medicine all by myself. For years now I've heard that this transition to Attending is the hardest yet. Of all the transitions in responsibilty throughout medical education, this is it. The proverbial buck, the culmination, the pot at the end of the rainbow. The summit. I suspect that like many other transitions ......
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no Catcher In The Rye

Nothing peeved me more during my training than being accused in my first year of having a "Rescue Fantasy."  Admittedly, the patient involved was a depressed chronic alcoholic with pancreatitis and a dismal liver who exuded sociopathy.  However, I thought "Sure I have a rescue fantasy!  We all should!  We want to save patients.  Otherwise, what are we doing?"   I have ruminated variations on that theme ever since. However, recently a patient loathed my work, and in so doing taught me the flaw in my thinking.  The patient  opposed me every step of our few meetings.   And, I bent myself into pr......
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Customer service that truly sparkles

I am irate. Infuriated. Enraged. Having set aside a full work day (for the second time) to have new office cabinetry and a desk installed (I had to set aside an entire day because this company is unable tell me in advance what time to expect the installers), I have just learned that "someone dropped the ball and they can't come today"! I had also arranged for my computer guy and an ergonomics consultant to be here - so THREE schedules have been impacted by this rotten service. I was about to spend several thousand dollars. So why do they apparently not care about making me happy? The bigger qu......
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Back-to-business model and plan basics for entrepreneurial physicians

Wow, I guess I really did take the summer off from blogging. I didn't realize it had been a good two months since I last wrote. I was, however, prompted to put my thoughts together when I received an email responding to my "What is the biggest question you are struggling with at present?" inquiry. The physician wrote "my biggest challenge is narrowing down what I would like to do and creating an economic model to support my endeavors" Great observation! And a challenge that I suspect many would-be entrepreneurial physicians face when filled with the urge to start a business. While the questi......
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Medical practice marketing: 5 simple tactics to get you started

Please don't cringe when I mention the words "medical practice marketing". Please stop for a moment and read my words below. I hope to pleasantly surprise you with the realization that what I am about to describe is not used-car salesman tricks. Far from it! No ... I'm asking you to be yourself, show up in a way that you hope anyone you were buying from would show up, and do that exceptionally well!! Marketing isn't Selling. You are not going to push any creams or vitamins or extra procedures on any unsuspecting patient. Medical practice marketing is, to paraphrase Wikipedia: ... the process......
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Preventing physician burnout - is there a secret recipe? Part 2

Preventing physician burnout Part 1 touched on an increased in pessimism amongst physicians in the United States about the practice of medicine, as well as what's happening inside our brains as we near professional burnout. Now it's time to explore ways to forestall this deadly mental, emotional and physical condition. I have 3 short tips for you today: 1. Do unto yourself as you are preaching to others How often does the irony of your physician counsel to patients strike you? There you sit (or stand, if you're a doctor in a rush) advising patients on exercise, healthy eating, and overall h......
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"The Practicing Mind" -- a primer for physician happiness?

As a recent attendee at the Creativity and Personal Mastery program (CPM) that I have previously written about, I was tickled to receive and read a review copy of "The Practicing Mind" (A) by Thomas Sterner. His book is an active reminder of the value I derived from the program, as it echoes much of the content. It's also foretells the huge payoffs that come with learning how to "practice". What does "practice" really mean? If I were to focus on the intended outcome of this article, I would be thinking about and worrying whether you were going to read it, and how you might act upon it for you......
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