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Selecting a Residency Program in Line with Your Clinical Knowledge & Skills

Selecting a Residency Program in Line with Your Clinical Knowledge & Skills
Some prospective medical professionals know exactly where they wish to specialize before they even begin med school. Others are drawn to a number of specialties and have a harder time picking a residency program that will fit them. If you are still unsure what path you wish to take, keep the following in mind. Ask yourself which of your skills you value the most. How do they fit in with the residency programs and specialties you are considering? Skills that range from a high level of manual dexterity to a high level of emotional intelligence to a knack for problem solving can give you ideas w......
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What Every Medical School Applicant Should Know About Multiple Mini Interviews

What Every Medical School Applicant Should Know About Multiple Mini Interviews
In recent years, the multiple mini interview (or MMI) has become an increasingly popular tool with medical school admissions committees. Because of its unfamiliarity, many medical school applicants doubt their ability to succeed during an MMI, but setting aside time to familiarize yourself with the format and expectations of this interview type can help to quiet these doubts. Here is a short list of points that every medical school applicant should know about the MMI:   1. There are several interview stations, each approximately ten minutes in length The traditional medical school inte......
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Everything You Need to Know About The New 2015 MCAT

After many years without making any substantial changes to the MCAT, the AAMC is now overhauling the benchmark admissions test in a major way, and the changes take hold beginning in 2015. Future doctors listen up: If you're planning to enroll in medical school in the fall of 2016 or beyond, you will be taking the overhauled test. The 2015 MCAT changes the focus of the test by adding two new sections that require mastery of an entirely different skill set: Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behaviour. In other words: Sociology, social science, and humanities will be a......
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What do You Need to Know About the Medical School Secondary?

Just as soon as you've submitted your primary application for medical school, you will begin to receive secondary applications from each school. Most of the discussion you'll find online about the medical school secondary is individual premeds freaking out about one medical school secondary application prompt or another. Not super helpful when you're just getting started. First, you need to learn the broader "must-know" strategic info about the secondary that will help give you the edge. Medical School Secondary: The "Need to Know" Info A Series of Essays The medical school secondary a......
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Medical School Admissions Consulting: The Three Ways a Consultant Can Help

Many premeds have heard of medical school admissions consulting, but you might not be sure what a consultant actually does or how they can help you get accepted to medical school. The lengthy and complicated medical school admissions can make you overwhelmed and confused with all of the details you need to mind. You know that you want to become a doctor, but you'd like someone who has walked the path ahead of you before to help you along the way. That's where an admissions consultant can help -- their years of experience can help you overcome any struggle you could possibly face because they......
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