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Must-Know Tips for Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

Gaining too much weight while you are pregnant can raise the risk for complications like premature birth or c-section delivery. If you start your pregnancy obese, like most of the American women - sticking to the recommended range of weight gain can reduce the risk of many health problems including preeclamsia and gestational diabetes. All studies show that gaining too much can be harmful for you and your baby. So, check out these great tips for
healthy pregnancy weight gain.

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Start pregnancy at a healthy weight

One of the most important thing to consider before getting pregnant is to start your pregnancy at a healthy weight. Figure out your BMI (current body mass index) and find ways to lose weight if necessary.

Drink water

It is of a great importance to avoid dehydration during pregnancy - and drinking 10 8-ounce glasses of water will help you feel satisfied between your meals. Some experts suggests monitoring urine color. If is is dark yellow, you should drink more water or other beverages. You have proper hydration if your urine color is pale yellow or clear.

When you are pregnant, the digestive system slows down, but don't worry - getting enough fluids will help things moving along.

Eat moderately and often

Some studies show that f you are starting pregnancy at a healthy weight, you need 340 extra calories per day in your second trimester and 450 extra calories per day in your third trimester. However, if you are overweight or underweight, the mentioned numbers will differ.

During your pregnancy, you should focus on small, yet frequent meals that are high in lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Add healthy snacks between your meals. Don't forget that both meals and snacks should include healthy fat, fiber and protein. Greek yogurt with a palmful of nuts, protein-enriched pasta and tomato sauce, English muffin with a scrambled egg and spinach or apple with two tablespoons of peanut butter are great examples of healthy foods for you.

Fruits that are with lots of fibber and wight water content (plums, pears, berries, apples, oranges and grapefruit) will keep constipation at bay and help you feel full. There are some foods that should be avoided during pregnancy too.

Start a simple walking regime

The most valuable thing every pregnant lady can do is walk. Walking is not just important for managing weight gain. But it is proved that those who are walking will have a lot fewer pains and aches as they get to the end of pregnancy.

You can start by walking only 10 minutes a day and every 30 days add another 10 minutes, so by the end of the first trimester you will be walking 30 minutes daily. If you don't have a pedometer, you can buy one and shoot for 10, 000 steps a day.

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