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dear 16 year old me

This you tube spot to raise awareness for melanoma is fantastic.   Please re-post wherever you can.    I wonder if everyone who sees the video posts it, how many lives can be saved.   Admittedly, I feel strongly about this one.  My beautiful little girl when just 4 years old had two surgeries on her face for a lesion that many considered melanoma.  She is fine years later now, but the word melanoma still makes it hard to catch my breath.  Take a look.  Take care....
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On princesses

I met a woman today in line while selling back used books.  This is quite the environment to meet someone in.  It's surprisingly personal to unload boxes of books, presenting little pieces of your life to complete strangers in exchange for money.  I'll have to admit that the $27 cash I walked out with was about 0.01% of the once-upon-a-time "value" of those books, but the happiness of not having those boxes in the place-where-we-used-to-keep-our-cars was worth a lot more than that. Anyway, this woman somehow started telling me about the sheer lack of princesses in her life.  She has proudly r......
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Nosy Crow on apps, print books, and the wisdom to know the difference

Children's picture book publisher and app producer Nosy Crow is fresh on the publishing scene. Top Crow Kate Wilson shares her thoughts on children's literature, reading, The Gruffalo, and more.
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doctors matter

So another April 30th is almost over.  One hour and thirty-seven minutes left.  I can almost breathe again. I find the emotional weight of anniversaries  -- both good and bad ones -- amazing.  April 30th is a bad one here.  Cancer.  I wonder if most doctors are aware of the emotional havoc medical illness plays with a life?  It might be hard to see as most patients do not wear fear or need on their faces.   I wonder how many doctors know what comfort they can offer beyond the technical medical care?  Or, how much this matters? Par for the course for April 30th, my father after days of excruc......
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Forget your troubles, c'mon get appy

You can still support your neighborhood bookstore even when buying digital books.
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is sugar toxic?

For the few mom docs out there who missed the NY Times magazine last week, Taubes' intriguing article on sugar is well worth a read.  Of course the article does include a big flaw.  Its timing is dreadful.   My kids will have a decided lack of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies on Sunday.
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Northwestern scholar weighs in on apps, learning

A Northwestern scholar talks about apps for kids, reading, and the new catch phrase in digital learning: "joint media engagement."
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Loud Crow on Apps, Kirkus Stars, and the Digital Frontier

Going to Bed mugshotLoud Crow Interactive, the digital book publisher based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, has just three apps under its belt, but already it's one to watch. Founded by a group of former video game developers with more than 30 years of experience in interactive media, it brings the most engaging elements of gaming to electronic books. And its collaboration with Sandra Boynton to bring her beloved stories to life for the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch guarantees Loud Crow will be regulars in the No. 1 spot at the App Store. DotMomming checked in with Loud Crow's CEO and Founder Calvin Wang about ap......
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A Kindergartner's Take on "The Three Little Pigs" App

Nosy Crow, the year-old publisher out of the U.K. headed by Gruffalo editor Kate Wilson, has produced a lovely little app of the Three Little Pigs. I took it for a test-drive and found it delightful. So I decided to sit down with my kindergartner, Gabriel, to see if he agreed with my assessment. "You can flip the wolf's van! Awesome!" Not only did he enjoy it, but his eight-year-old brother couldn't help but horn in on the action as well. Despite being "too old" for picture books, big brother Nolan couldn't get enough of the Pigs. [youtube 38P5Z6r3NKc] The first thing I noticed about this ......
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Sandra Boynton's 'Going to Bed Book' Now a Dreamy App

Sandra Boynton's "The Going to Bed Book" makes a dreamy new app for parents and kids alike.
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Are you "phobic" about marketing your medical practice or physician business?

Physician marketing sucks! At least, that's what my clients and other physicians tell me repeatedly. I take that to mean one of two things. Either having to market as a physician business owner is a very distasteful activity, or the marketing skills of a physician business owners are severely lacking. Or both! One on-line thesaurus offers these synonyms and related words, amongst others, for "Marketing": - commercialize, cheapen, bargain, barter, merchandise, advertise, display… It's no wonder you cringe at the idea or of having to market your medical practice or physician business......
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A physician quits medicine - Maggie Kozel MD's "The Color of Atmosphere" reviewed

I had the privilege of receiving from Chelsea Green Publishing a galley copy of Dr. Maggie Kozel's "The Color of Atmosphere: One Doctor's Journey In and Out of Medicine" prior to publication, and was finally able to sequester myself this weekend and read it. I had originally planned to "skim read" the chapters, to get the gist of the story and write a review. Instead, from the first chapter, beyond a typical blah-blah-blah introduction (you know, the kind that tells you all you need to know about the book's grand premise), I was hooked. Kozel hailed from a dysfunctional alcoho......
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Kids Apps: Ruckus Media's Rick Richter on Reading

Rick Richter of Ruckus Media discusses children's apps and books.
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"Peter Rabbit" kids app draws raves, for good reason

A look at popular new children's app "PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit" by Loud Crow Interactive.
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robin mom

As I walk down the hall of my children's school and see the photos of distinguished alumni lining the walls with accomplishments listed under them, I fantasize. How would I like to be remembered?  Gradually it dawns on me that at this moment my dreamed of accomplishment is far less grand than those listed.   I imagine under my photo a term no one would understand.  I'd like the words "robin mom." There have been vigorous debates on the best parenting style lately amongst the mothers, stirred up by the "Why Chinese Mothers are Better" article by Amy Chua.  Ms. Chua recommends her brand of tige......
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The machine

Healthcare is a machine.  A giant machine with a thousand parts.  Sometimes the machine is efficient, well maintained, oiled, and produces a product that will withstand the test of time.  Other times the machine is missing parts, hasn't been stroked by the loving hands of a caregiver in years, or churns out partial pieces of the final product. I have spent years living in the machine, a small pixel in a big picture.  I try to be efficient and not be the rate limiting step.  I try to make sure the patient comes first do whatever possible to lessen the load a little or to brighten their day.  E......
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Taking the pulse of your medical practice -- in several parts

This series is geared towards physicians in practice, who have a nagging feeling they aren't being as business-like as they should, or want to! Last week, we began this analysis with 10 Questions to answer about your medical practice, as a business. Now let's focus on your medical practice governance. Boring, but essential to clarify so that you can answer questions like: who is/are the managing partner(s)? how will this person or these people be compensated for this "administrative time"? what will be the extent of their authority for decision-making? who will establish and oversee th......
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The contrast was almost unbearable that fall.   I was medical director at an eating disorders program.  Dr. LeGrange's superb program helped so many young women suffering from anorexia nervosa.  However, some were hard to help.  Some loved the skinniness.  Some found it beautiful.  And, no amount of skinniness was ever enough.  First baby fat was lost.  Next the rest of the fat was lost.  Later menses were lost.  Eventually, health was lost.  I never saw a life lost, but of course sadly many are. After those clinics, I drove an hour north to a different kind of starvation.  I was watching the......
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nutrition services

I miss nutrition services.  Which is to say I miss the daily voice AND emails from nutrition services.  And I quote: "This is a message from nutrition services.  A child in your household by the name of teenage boy has a negative school lunch balance in the amount of two dollars and thirty five cents.  blah blah blah idle threats here" After nearly three months of voice mails and emails, teenage boy has *finally* remembered to turn in the checks we gave him.  I wanted to write a check for two dollars and thirty four cents, but Honey wouldn't let me. Someday, it'll be Sallie Mae calling.  An......
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some days you're the totter

or is it the teeter that's on the bottom? I'm on elective and should be reveling in the time I have away from work and sewing my fingers off.   While I am enjoying down time away from emotionally and sucking-the-hours-out-of-your-week draining rotations, I'm struggling personally.  I find myself at a complete impasse with my internal career decision pathway and overwhelmed with the possibilities (what a problem, eh?).   And honey isn't convinced we especially need another babe.   And I'm starting to seriously wonder how the hell all of this will be paid for.  *see http://benbrownmd.wordpress.......
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