On residency and motherhood
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Graduation Day With the Appropriate Jitters

With graduation day comes all the jitters, and realization that the real work begins.
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The Great Housing Search. . . With a Two-Year-Old

House hunting for a place to live during residency with a toddler in tow.
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Match Day Aftermath

Cross roads horizonMatch day has come and gone for medical students throughout the country. Some of my classmates were out-of-their-minds happy, and others were left confused how they could have fallen on their list so far. Regardless, we all are now preparing for the next step in our lives. How do I feel about my own match? Well, as a mom to a toddler and the wife to a great husband, deciding how to rank my list was not all about me. If I could have chosen my perfect program and perfect location, my heart would have had me in a big city that I fell in love with a long time ago in my life. I spent a summer in t......
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