9-13-10overwhelmedWarning - this is a "peek inside my brain" post. I am an overwhelmed physician entrepreneur and mom at present!

In the course of establishing and growing a business, of whatever kind, there come spells in which everything seems to pile up at once. It's an experience that frazzles the nerves, makes one want to run away from the job, and turns one into a grump to live with.

With back-to-school tensions running high (my daughter's), a computer that went on the fritz for 4 days, two upcoming presentations, creating a new program, and being in the midst of a long hard look at where I want to go next with my business, I have fallen prey to the rush of the Devilish Deluge.

If you'll bear with me, I am going to think my response to my feeling out aloud -- in bullet points!

Okay, my 45 minutes is almost up.

Thanks for listening!