UCSF Breast Imaging and Digital Mammography

Publisher: CMEInfo
Credits: 22.5
Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1
Price: $1,195 - $1,295
Format: Online Video, CD,MP3 DVD MP4
Release Date: 3/16/2014
Expiration Date: 3/15/2017
Tags: cme , cmeinfo

UCSF Breast Imaging and Digital Mammography presents a summary and update on clinically relevant topics and advances in diagnostic imaging of the breast, both for breast imaging specialists and general radiologists. This program includes lectures on Breast MRI, updates on and uses of BI-RADS categories, workshop sessions, and faculty panel lectures on current issues in daily practice. The application of mammographic techniques to breast cancer detection and diagnosis is focused upon, as well as recent clinical developments in full-field Digital Mammography.
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