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Osler Family Medicine Board Reviews

Publisher: Osler
Credits: 60
Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1
Price: $780 - $1,170
Format: Live Course
Expiration Date: 3/15/2016
Specialty: Family Medicine
Tags: board reviews , cme , osler

This comprehensive course is designed to help you pass your ABFM exams (both initial certification and recertification) as well as to update your clinical knowledge base. Emphasis is on evidence-based medicine and board-relevant standards of care, incorporating new concepts, strategies, and treatments. The six-day didactic course includes discussions that review the entire field of Family Medicine. The course is run in a rapid-fire format to target a larger percentage of board and practice relevant information. In addition to the lectures, the course includes a searchable e-syllabus with all PowerPoint? presentations, Q&A examples imbedded into each lecture, and several Q&A review sessions. Many of our previous learners found the course provided them with improved diagnostic and testing strategies, a better understanding of all major disease entities pertinent to general practice of Family Medicine, and helped them identify specific areas of knowledge weakness for further self-study.

Now with a new topic list based on ABFM examination contents

Cardiovascular **** Cardiac Evaluation **** Congenital Heart Diseases **** Valvular Heart Diseases **** Acute Coronary Syndrome **** Myocardial Infarction **** Electrocardiograms **** Cardiac Arrhythmias **** Congestive Heart Failure **** Dyslipidemia **** Anticoagulation Therapy **** Hypertension **** Peripheral Vascular Diseases

Endocrine ****Obesity and Eating Disorders **** Thyroid Disorders **** Growth Hormone **** Parathyroid and Vitamin D **** Osteoporosis ****Diabetes Mellitus **** Adrenal Disorders **** Gonadal Disorders

Gastrointestinal **** Mouth and GERD **** Dyspepsia and Peptic Ulcers **** Helicobacter & Stomach Ca **** Pancreatitis and Cancer **** Liver Disease and Cirrhosis **** Small & Large Bowel Disease **** Acute Abdomen

Hematologic/Immune **** Anemia Diagnosis and Rx **** White Cells and Bleeding **** Immunization and Allergy **** Rheumatic Syndromes ****

Integumentary **** Pediatric Skin Diseases **** Common Dermatoses **** Dermatologic Infections **** Melanomas and Skin Tumors **** Skin Signs of Other Diseases

Muskuloskeletal **** Pediatric Orthopedics **** Common Orthopedic Injuries **** Sports Medicine **** Office Orthopedics **** Shoulder and Hand ****Geriatric Hip Fractures****Low Back Problems**** Foot and Ankle Problems **** Arthralgias and Gout

Nephrologic **** Acid-base and Electrolytes **** Acute Renal Failure **** Urinary Tract Infections

Neurologic **** Headaches and Dizziness **** Delirium and Dementia **** TIAs and Stroke **** Epilepsy and Parkinson?s **** Muscle & Nerve Diseases

Nonspecific Systemic Problems **** Pain Management **** Trauma Assessment **** Common Infections & FUO **** Antibiotic Choices **** HIV/AIDS and Other STDs **** Cancer Detection **** Fibromyalgia

Adolescent Medicine **** Growth and Development **** Health Maintenance Exams **** Adolescent Gynecology **** Substance Abuse

Geriatrics **** Elder Abuse and Neglect **** Malnutrition in the Elderly **** Sexuality, Sleep and Aging **** Urinary Incontinence **** Geriatric Pharmacology **** Drug Interactions

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