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Radiation Oncology CME and Board Review Courses

Comprehensive Review of Radiation Oncology
Comprehensive Review of Radiation Oncology includes 26 recorded 1-hour lectures accompanied by illustrative slides, presented by authoritative experts in the subspecialty areas of radiation oncology, and provides up-to-date information regarding the clinical practice of radiation oncology, which is involved in the treatment of cancer as curative or palliative. Discussed will be clinical evaluation of patients (initial, during treatment, and during follow-up care) in additon to establishing trea... Read more
Publisher: CMEInfo
Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1
Credits: 24 Price: $1,095 - $1,195
Format: Online Video, DVD, MP4
Release Date: 11/15/2014
Expiration Date: 11/15/2017
Tags: cme , cmeinfo
Osler Radiation Oncology Board Reviews

This inclusive program is designed to equip learners with an update of clinical information in addition to helping them prepare for their Radiation Oncology exams (initial certifications and MOC). The 4-day program consists of didactic lectures with review questions, esyllabus (containing all PowerPoint? presentations), and designated Q&A sessions. Emphasis is on fact-based medicine and board-relevant standards of care; integrating new ideas, treatments, and imaging approaches. In additio... Read more

Publisher: Osler
Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1
Credits: 40 Price: $640 - $960
Format: Live Course
Expiration Date: 5/14/2016
Practical Reviews in Nuclear Medicine

Connect to Research Summaries from Leading Medical Journals

Our professional medical staff compose an inclusive summary of hundreds of articles from top medical journals so you don?t have to. Our informatino leaders review the most pertinent medical research for you to reivew at your convenience and add commentary with point of view for applying the informatino in your own practice.

Connect to Practical Reviews in Radiation Oncology and get:

Publisher: Practical Reviews
Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1
Credits: 56 Price: $499 - $1,098
Format: Multiple formats

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