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10 years 4 weeks ago #72423 by Melbelle
I'm poking around the house this week. It's sinking in that this is my last chance to have free time for quite awhile. I usually work anytime I have time off of school, but I'm just sitting at home now. I did a bunch of laundry (very necessary after two trips), watched TV with my husband... didn't even make dinner, because my neighbor unexpectedly brought dinner over! I'm having a pretty fabulous day. Yesterday I did some work from home, but today I didn't even do that.

I'm also mulling over decisions. I've been to two interviews, and I have two more this month. I absolutely loved one of the schools, and they accepted me. Awesome. I didn't care for the other school. I won't hear back for another week or so, but it doesn't matter much, because I don't think I'll be going there. I am so tempted to just ditch my last two interviews, but I may love one of them too!

A complicating factor (always) is my husband. He's in school as well, and was offered a funded PhD position at the school here. Unfortunately, there's only one medical school that is even within a two-hour drive, and I haven't heard back from them yet. Both of the schools I interview with this month are closer to home, which is nice, but I really really love the first school.

Complication number two is the deposit. I have to accept the seat and pay a deposit soon - as in, before I've done both interviews. I don't like that system at all! I'm thinking of calling and asking for an extension, but I don't want the school to think that I don't like them... it's definitely my first choice at this point, but I would hate to make a decision without seeing all the options.

I'm going to go back to relaxing and worry about this later.

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10 years 4 weeks ago #72425 by Melbelle
Okay, fairly quick resolution on this one.

My husband decided he is not going to go to grad school this year. I'm not incredibly surprised. He hasn't taken the GRE yet and the application to the school that offered him the position is due in 2 weeks.

I'm almost disappointed, because it is such a great opportunity for him. On the other hand, he could get another great opportunity, and he's not entirely sure what he wants to go into. It does free up my decisions, though. Again, I'm not surprised. If he were really excited about it he would have taken the GRE. He's really good at the field he's doing his student research in, and his boss really wants to hold onto him. It's nice to find something you're good at, but if he doesn't resolve what he wants to do now, he'll just have a breakdown in 10 years. Shoot, he'll probably do that anyway.

I sent an email to the school that accepted me, explaining that they are my #1 choice, but I'd really like to see the others before submitting my paperwork to know that I made the most informed decision possible. Ultimately I asked for a deposit deadline extension. I don't know what will happen, but I'd certainly be happy there, so I'm not too worried about it. If they say no, I'll just give them my money and assume I'll be there unless another school is so cool I'd lose lots of money for it.

I am so close to knowing where I'm going to be next year! I'm so excited! Also, I'm getting together for New Year's with my old high school friends. Several of them moved to the same city, so keep in touch pretty well. We used to always do New Year's together, but I don't get up there much anymore. But this year we'll be there! I can't wait!!


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10 years 3 weeks ago #72514 by Melbelle
The school said I could pay half the deposit on the deadline, and half a month later, but no extensions. Still, I'll take what I can get.

I signed the "conditions of enrollment" and dropped it in the mail with a hefty check. I wish I could nail down how I feel about this.

I have always lived on the beautiful West Coast. I love it here. I did a quick weather check after dropping my check in the mail and it is below zero in the Midwest (my likely destination). I really really really like the school. Why does it have to be in the middle of frozen nowhere?

I was really looking forward to having something decided for sure, but I realized I don't have anything entirely decided. I have two more interviews, and I might love those schools. I have not heard from the in-state school, which I still agreed to go to if I got in there, for my husband's sake.

I am so tired of waiting to know what I'm going to do next. I wish I just knew already! I guess I know that I'm going somewhere, and that's worth something. I know that I'll be in medical school by next fall, barring some weird calamity. I just don't know where. I guess that's okay.

Otherwise, my schedule is all goofed up for next term. Sometimes I wonder if there is divine intervention and I power through it instead of listening.

I need to take microbiology before I graduate. I was going to take the higher level course for two reasons: 1) I would get more out of it, and 2) then I could take immunology in the spring. I was sick on registration day, and when I registered a couple of days later the lab was full. I thought it was okay, because maybe someone would drop it. And if not, it's offered in the spring and the lecture should be sufficient to get me into immuno. I didn't realize until last night that the spring lab is at the same time as another class. I talked to the instructor, but she said she already overfilled the lab with people in my position who talked to her before me. My only hope is showing up this week in case someone else doesn't, in which case I can have their spot. Very iffy. So maybe I won't take immunology. I'll just take the basic microbiology class and call it good. I don't know. If it weren't a direct result of my own mistakes I would have an easier time saying it was meant to be. I have a really hard time ever saying that, actually.

A friend gave my husband his old xbox 360, because he got a new one. This is now the second night we've been up past midnight for no good reason while he plays. Yuck. I am not accustomed to sleeping alone, but I might be soon. I certainly can't keep this up. :tired: I am a morning person. This is no good.

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10 years 1 week ago #72629 by Melbelle
I got a second acceptance in the mail, which is exciting, but it's from the school I didn't like. I think I'll send them a "no, thank you" letter.

I loved the school I interviewed at last week. This surprised me, because I thought there was only one school for me. I still prefer the frozen wasteland school, but the location on this one is much better, and I think we could still swing my husband's schooling with this one. I actually think I will go here if I get in.

I'm realizing how silly it was for me to put my school preference ahead of my husband's opportunities. If I can get into a school that is close enough to home to allow him to pursue the graduate program that wants him, I should definitely do that. It's not like I'm putting anything on hold - just going to my second-favorite place instead of favorite. Really not a big deal.

Another interview next weekend, but I feel like there is little point to it. I already have two schools that I love (although one hasn't accepted or rejected me yet), and the location is good, but not great.

Well, I'm off for the shower. Just went for a run for the first time in a month. I'm exhausted, but feel good! :)

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9 years 11 months ago #72775 by Melbelle
What to say...

It's Friday night. Midterms are done, although I have a presentation on Monday on an article I haven't read yet, so I'll need to get on that. I also told my PI I'd do a draft of the intro and methods to a paper I'm supposed to be writing this week, which I didn't do. This is to say that I'm relaxing now, hanging out online and making cookies, but it won't last.

I got into four medical schools. I'd love to be done with this process, but I still haven't heard from my state school. I don't even know whether or not they'll interview me. My husband really wants me to go there if I get in, but I'd rather go to the aforementioned second choice school. We tried to have a celebratory dinner when I was accepted at that one, which we had talked about quite a bit. We were going to go there because I loved it, and he could probably do his graduate work there. Then he announced at dinner that I shouldn't go to that school - that I should hold out for the state school, which he thinks is better. I got a little sad about that, because I wanted to start making a plan. He got mad because I got sad and didn't want to talk about it anymore, so he announced that I was under too much stress, and he would pick my medical school for me. After all, it is where we'll both have to move, so it involves him.

So much anger...

Sometimes I think of telling all the young people not to get married - that it's just not worth it. Sometimes I'm happy, but often I just think I tied myself to a crazy man for a fickle emotion when I was happy enough alone.

There are happier things going on. I'm really glad to be done with midterms, but I already mentioned that. It's nice to know that I'm going to medical school. I'm still studying for exams, but walking out thinking I got a B on a test doesn't concern me anymore. That's a good feeling.

I need to get my paper written, but I hate writing. I also need to finish collecting my data. That is taking way too long. When someone offered to help me and collect the histomorphometry data, I actually took him up on it. I really wanted to do this myself, but I'm behind and he has a lot of experience and is a lot faster at it than I am.

My class schedule worked out, even better than I expected. I'm taking a lot of classes right now, but they're things I wanted to take, and they pave the way for interesting classes next term. Everything is coming together quite nicely.

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9 years 11 months ago #72977 by Melbelle
Still not a ton going on here, but I'm excited that I almost know where I'm going to school. My husband has been less of a jerk lately. I think he's a little insecure. Okay, a lot insecure.

I am planning to withdraw my acceptance from my favorite school and send my deposit to my second favorite. That's a weird feeling. I really really prefer my first choice school. I like the second choice, but I loved my first choice. Loved it. It felt like home to me.

It's not worth it, though. I'd be cutting my husband off from a great opportunity. I should be happy just to have one acceptance, let alone have choices to make.

I just want to get on with it already. I can't believe how long this application process took. It's actually been a full year now. This time last year I was working on MCAT review. Yikes.

I've been trying to run more. Today I skipped it because I was tired and decided that I needed sleep more than I needed to run. Well, here I am not sleeping. I should head to bed. I guess tomorrow is a day I could sleep in a little if I wanted, so I should take advantage.

I'm also trying to be more organized, and a better housekeeper. I'm a lousy housekeeper. I'm like a huge clutterbug. Tonight I sat on the couch and took off my shoes, just to discover that I already had one pair of shoes and one pair of slippers sitting in front of the couch. My poor husband would be screaming inside if he were here. For all his faults, it's nice that he only screams on the inside. :)

Still want a baby. Actually, more than ever. The timing right now would be lousy, though. Cycles are as irregular as ever, so I'm finally going back to the doctor. No cycles since October now... that's a little too long. I don't know when I want to have children, but I have some good ideas for when I don't.

Okay, I'm sleepy. Goodnight everyone, and thanks for humoring me! ;)

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