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9 years 10 months ago #72123 by azcactus
After reading a lot of other blogs I decided to start documenting MY story (hopefully I will be able to gain a lot of valuable insight/comments/etc from the other readers on this site).

So here it is. I am 27 year, married, & female. Throughout my life my career ambition was to become a doctor. But I went to high school and lost my desire to become a doctor. Not sure why. Then I attended college and I majored in business.

Now I own my own business, but I have no job satisfaction. Going to work in the morning is HARD for me. I'm realizing that I want to look forward to going to work. & I want to feel like I'm doing something good in the world (sounds corny, I know).

OK so fast forward to now. My mother in law has recently been going through a lot of health problems. Therefore, she moved in with my husband and me. & we've been taking her to a lot of her doctor visits. At one of her visits I realized that I should be working there. Not sure how to verbalize what I felt, but I like to think I had my calling or an epiphany.

OK so I started to research what I need to complete in order to qualify for med school. I have some prereqs completed (not much though), but I need to take bio, chem, ochem, and physics. I'm not too nervous about those classes (because I want to see if I still have school in me--even at my advanced age!). Although I am deathly afraid of ochem.

So there it is. I'm planning on attending an open house at the medical school I'd like to attend next month. The nearest university to me is hours away, so I'm considering take my prereqs at the community college that is near me. & I know that this can be frowned upon, so I am planning on asking the medical school about this when I attend the open house.

Here are some of my concerns:
-my age. I'm 27 now, but I'm turning 28 soon. If all works out well I will probably be 30 (eek!) when I start medical school (fingers crossed)
-I'm not a mom (yet) but am hoping to become one soon

Any words of encouragement? And advice?

PS Sorry that this entry was all over the place. I just wanted to hit on the important points.


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9 years 10 months ago #72136 by azcactus
I'm bored at work right now so I thought I'd add another entry. My husband is 100 per cent on board with me going to medical school, I really am lucky to have such a supportive husband.

I also started to tell my close friends, coworkers, and family about what I was thinking about doing. And to my surprise everyone is completely supportive! Not the reaction I thought they would have.

I wish I could start school during this upcoming semester, but (because of a trip I have to take) that is not possible. So I'm looking forward to slowly begin studying for the MCAT & begin school during the summer semester.

will blog soon, I'm sure there's boredom at work in my near future!


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