10 years 1 month ago #72333 by LIGHT
I remember the last time I held a paper & a pen & tried to write. It was about six years ago. I remember I tried hard but could only write about three lines. The words on the paper weren’t mine. The emotions were cold & hollow, but I was happy that Im writing again, & I read them over & over again, did some adjustments, & then showed them to my mom.
Now things have gone worse. I don't know why, but I seem unable to let out my thoughts & emotions. When I try to write them down, some words are too shallow, others are too dramatic or too fake. I feel stressed all the time. I was never like this. Im turning to a person that I don’t know. All the time I had wishes & thoughts for the person I want to be & the life I want to live. But it’s like I took the wrong train, & now Im so far from what I wanted to be my home. Sometimes I feel I want to talk about it, sometimes I feel it won’t change a thing.

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