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10 years 2 weeks ago #72990 by FPmom
So...I got accepted! Now what?

I'm 29 with two young boys (ages 4 and 1) and a wonderful husband who's gone a lot. Can I really do this? I'm thinking of hiring a nanny, but don't like the idea of taking my 4-year-old out of daycare. Is it possible to do all this with the constraints of the daycare hours? I also don't like the idea of a nanny taking my place and I like that they are already in a school-type environment. They both have so many friends. We don't have any family around so this is an autonomous type situation. How did you do it? How can you still be a positive influence with your kids when so much of the focus is on school?

Secondly, which specialties are the most family friendly but still exciting? I'm volunteering in an ER and I love the constant movement and excitement. I'm not very excited by the doctor's office setting. What do I do? I'm aware that this decision will not be made anytime soon.

I like the idea of starting a blog about these experiences. I've read a few of the others and it seems to help you guys sort out the issues.

Worried about the next few years...

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