One in a million chance or is this story

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I am a 37 yo woman. I have a 10 yo daughter. I have decided to pursue my desire and go to medical school. First a little about my background.

I graduated from college in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. I worked a full-time and part-time job. Well let me backtrack. I started school in 1992 in Fl. (i am from Al), transferred back to Al in another city then came back to my original city to stay with my grandmother. In the summer of 93 I was raped in my[size:8pt][/size] dorm rm by my boyfriend's best friend. I never reported it, too ashamed. (My ex and I were having problems and he was trying to mediate between us; or so I thought) Consequently, my grades dropped and I ended up dropping out by the summer of 94. I decided to finish my education so I enrolled in another local college and finished. While there I was selected to be a NASA/JOVE scholar which required me to do research and present in Pasadena @ the Jet Propulsion laboratory at a confernce. I was a founding member of a professional organization on my campus for Blk chemist and chemical engineers and I also served as president my last year. I worked fulltime, took care of my granny; she had dementia, ran for and won title of Miss Homecoming and tried my hardest to redeem my GPA. I had dropped out without withdrawing and had garnered some F's. I managed to grad with a 3.15 gpa and I think a 3.3 or 3.4 in science. I did take the mcat back then but forgot my score. I got pregnant a year after graduation so I put my dreams onhold and got a job. No I was not nor am I married. I procured a decent job as a chemical lab technician in a steel plant and worked there for 6 yrs. Decided I hated it and went back to school.

Fast forward to 2006. I went back to the school that harbored the scene of the crime. Faced my demons and enrolled as a respiratory therapist major. This is considered a top school in the state (UAB). I finished in 08 after a horrible last year. From Jan. To Aug of that last year I spent @ least 2 weeks out of each month n the hospital. 1st it was uncontrolled allergic asthma then in Mar I had three blood clots in my lung. The blood thinners would not regulate properly hence my love affair with the hospital. I still kept my job (worked 24-36hrs as a respiratory therapy student in another hospital), took care of my child and maintained my course load. My prof's were very understanding they would come visit and to this day they all think very highly of me. Two teach in the medical school so I will have excellent references. I managed to take my certification and passed it no problem (and it was no joke). I had to make up clinicals but I did finish and was licensed by the end of the year. I finished with a gpa of 3.0 cum (thats including the f's I think I am sitting @ a 3.4 or 3.5 w/out them). I also was getting counseling @ this time concerning the rape. I was and still am very active in my church, mentor in the community and am the founder and executive director of a teen peer mentoring non-profit. Up until this Jan I was employed as a RT. I am determined to make this thing happen. I am going to take a prep course for 6 months starting in Nov for the MCAT and plan to take it in May or June of next yr. I plan to matriculate in 2012. I love working with patients and interacting with their families. Working in the hospital and making rounds with the med students and interns, during clinicals, really had me itching to get in med school.

Any thoughts on the probability of my success with my gpaN do I have enough EC and research? Or is this a one in a million chance of being successful?

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