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Moms can't hack med school...perspectives

12 years 2 months ago #67682 by hilseb
I am surprised at the people who are still implying that wanting to be a mother somehow means we are not as passionate about medical school or being a doctor. Most of the posts on here have been refreshingly supportive, however, there are still a few that aren't. Would anyone ever question someone's right to father a child and cast aspersions on their dedication to medicine?

As someone else said, I don't think old fashioned sexist arguments need to be represented in the sake of devil's advocacy or feedback for a debate to be valid. I do welcome when people express their own differing views if they are views they believe in. I also would repeat that I don't believe in kicking the underdog. When women, especially moms, have such a hard time being taken seriously, I don't think someone needs to make sure the people who do this to them get their already powerful voices heard.

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12 years 2 months ago #67683 by Empi
But isn't this problem caused by the assumption that you are a male without any personal responsibilities? Medicine and academia, in general, is based upon the male model. The reason male medical students can sail through residency and their careers without a worry in the world is because they either dont have a family or they have a little wife taking up all the slack for him. It is fairly unusual for a female professional to have a husband who has committed himself to domestic and childcare services and devoted to doing what he can to promote his wife's career. There is no male version of, "Behind every good man is a woman."

If the proverbial playing field was level, we would suddenly have tremendous pressure to take family needs into consideration.

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