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11 years 2 months ago #68311 by kpzr/9145
Hey, I agree with both Sweet and Mommdtobe!

I am pretty far left of center in my political convictions. I grew up in Great Britain under a Socialist government (ie. pre Margaret Thatcher). I believe in Universal Health Care, but I believe in having a single payer system (get rid of insurance companies). But, I took out loans to attend Medical School here in the US. My indebtedness reduces my actual income substantially. Perhaps we should be talking about income adjusted for educational indebtedness, not just gross income? We SHOULD be able to deduct the FULL amount of educational debt payments from our taxable incomes. Then, it would be fairer to compare incomes amongst various jobs.

Anyway, I look at the federal tax I pay out of every paycheck and wonder, what do we actually get for this? In Great Britain, you get FREE healthcare and FREE college or university for your children out of this. When I asked my husband, he said "the Post Office?". Well, I do feel a little ripped off. The public schools my children attend are funded largely through local and state taxes, as are our roads and services. I can see why people object to paying taxes. Now, if we could get our health care paid for with them, that would be different....


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11 years 2 months ago #68312 by sisriver
Perhaps a new thread is needed, but I would like to try and make an argument:
I think we could argue that we are all, as humans/individuals in this country, doing more-or-less as much as each of us can do. we (those of us not physically/emotionally disabled) are born with mental and physical ability which is nurtured (or not nurtured) by the environment in the home and at school. there is some variation in individual intellectual/creative and/or physical talents that can also be influenced by education/learning, training, practice.

We here on this website are bright and hardworking moms, doing as much as we can do while involved in the tug-of-war between work and home. Most of us could do more at home, and at work, if given the support/respect needed and deserved. Many/most of us deserve more pay, higher promotional status, for what we’ve accomplished to date. But the system hasn’t acknowledged that, because the men have refused to see it while wanting that pay and status for themselves, and because the men have historically established the guidelines for pay/status.

Perhaps in parallel, Americans living in poverty are doing all that they can given the stresses of poverty – such as no personal transportation, no connections for jobs, no leftover money for conveniences let alone for food/heat/safe housing/phone/computer, not enough education for either wise-living habits or to pursue career rather than job, lack of support/respect needed and often deserved. But the American wealthy and middle class have established the laws and views that keep most of those living in poverty right there.

What say you in response?

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11 years 2 months ago #68313 by liball
Hmmm not another post mentioned the wars & money spent on them everyday... Happy Veteran's Day

Dr. Mommy to Carissa, Lauren & James

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11 years 2 months ago #68314 by mommd2b

I...agree with you. I'm not opposed to paying taxes or necessarily higher taxes if it would mean that we would develop an infrastructure of public transportation that would provide for the poor as well as everyone else. I'd subsidize housing for people while they get on their feet (though not indefinitely.). I'm all for some form of universal health coverage as long as it is high quality and not for-profit. I don't think our government would do a good job of administering it yet and unless they do away with student loans...well...forget it.

I'd like to see money poured into education...for everyone...not just the poor. Make grants and aid available equally to all potential students.

The problem that I feel like happens is that when you start asking groups to spend a amount of their salaries on the care of other people without it benefiting them and their families in some way too, a real disconnect happens. There is resentment and frustration that can lead to a "class" system.

At the end of the day, though, no matter how much we end up raising taxes it will go for crap like the Iraq war, bailing out Wall Street, Bailing out the top 3 Auto makers...and the politicians will make the argument that there is no money there for the people...only for corrupt and failed businesses.

I can't get on board with that.

Turn down Wall Street. Turn down the top 3 Automakers. There will be fallout...there will be ripples...but growth and change is sometimes painful. Promise me that my tax dollars will go for the social programs we have outlined and I will gladly open my wallet.

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

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