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DR makes less than 37k/yr?!?!?!

12 years 6 months ago #66071 by Dr.Heather

Originally posted by theweebee:
seems more appealing than trying to cajole a rude, defensive patient into taking a bp med for 45 minutes while I'm already an hour behind with a waiting room full of pissed off patients tapping their toes waiting to whine to me about their fatigue, weight, and problems with their husband/teenager/mother and why won't I let them have a antibiotic for their cold? Afterall, they're flying to Hawaii for two weeks tomorrow. And I went into family medicine why?...


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12 years 6 months ago #66072 by adeola
:wave: Since the original topic is about how much docs make, there is a cool website that lets you put in your anticipated pay and the state you live in (or plan to live) and other allowances you may be claiming on both state and federal taxes and it will come up with how much you'll be taking home.
here is the link and it's a free site. :)


God is love

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