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Anybody choose to use a midwife?

7 years 11 months ago #82802 by southernmd
Don't have any experience, but Sarahdoc - wantedt o let you know you are not the only third year that is a bit horrified. I am at a non-breastfeeding friendly hospital, and I have been horrified at the time from delivery to breast for our c-section moms that I saw during my Peds rotation.

I was an absolute animal about bfeeding when I had my son at my teaching hospital, so I didn't have any problems, but plenty have. I understand how you feel!

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7 years 11 months ago #82810 by AnnaM
All 3 of my babies were delivered by FP's. The first one weighed 10 lb and I had a three-hour 2nd stage. I think if I had had an OB I might have gotten sectioned, but the FP was content to wait, as long as I made even the tiniest bit of progress with each push. I think it also helped that I had not had any ultrasounds during the pregnancy. I KNOW I would have been sectioned if any of us knew how much he weighed. My max fundal height at 41 weeks was 37 cm, so none of us had any idea he was that big.

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6 years 10 hours ago #91318 by tr_

Emily2651 wrote:

tr_ wrote: It wouldn't surprise me if the difference between the de Jong study and these others reflected a real difference in the safety of homebirth when it is a widespread option that is attended by a well-qualified practitioner and supported by the infrastructure, vs. a vigilante activity.

I suspect this is exactly right and is why I'd chose homebirth for myself if it weren't such a financial disaster. (Thanks, Blue Cross.) I think I'd have no problem creating a "Dutch" homebirth ... experienced midwife, on-board OB back-up, in a strong position to advocate for myself.

I'm bumping this old, old thread because I just ran across this
Cheng et al. AJOG Oct 2013 325.e1

large retrospective study of 12K+ *planned* homebirths against 2 million+ hospital births in 27 states in the US.

Interestingly, homebirths *attended by CNMs* had equivalent outcomes to hospital births. Homebirths that had other attendants had poorer outcomes than hospital birth or CNM-attended homebirth.
The authors play this finding down by lumping all homebirths together in their tables, but if you read the results section the attendant effect is clear.

I think this is fascinating and is a more positive result for (appropriately attended) US homebirth than I would have expected.

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