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Acupuncture for PCOS/infertility

8 years 4 months ago #80471 by happyDO
I had PCOS, had acupuncture during my second IVF/FET(Frozen embryo transfer) and I believe it helped me immensely. I felt extremely fatigued after the procedure and days following it despite bedrest/ample sleep at home( also due to hormone cocktail). Needles always led to this strangely refreshing sleep during acupuncture session which revitalized me in quite a different manner. After the session I would be bubbling with energy for extended hours, as if I was a totally different person. Success rate of FET is atleat 10% less in most clinics but I got BFP in a FET whereas my first IVF cycle without acupuncture failed. I think acupuncture at-least relieves both physical and mental stress in a big way for sure and helps your body to re-direct all its focus/energy on the task in hand. I went for acupuncture on the day of transfer and I am still continuing it once a week. My fertility physician said there are research papers which strongly suggest that acupuncture helps with fertility issues and supported my decision to try it. I would say go for it !!

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