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LO cries when going to sleep/waking up :(

6 years 11 months ago #84617 by Dr.MoM
So, my DS is 16 months old now. He's been in his own bed since about 12 months. We finally let him CIO at 12 months in his own crib because it got the point no one was able to sleep with him kicking us all night.

So, since we did this, he cries approximately 5-10 minutes when put in the crib. He would pretty much sleep through the night and then start waking up and going back to sleep crying in the early morning hours until we came to get him up. When I type this, it actually sounds terrible but it was working-we were able to sleep and he was getting better sleep.

But recently, he's been crying longer at night before sleep...waking up in the middle of the night crying occasionally, and still cries in the morning. He even stands up in the crib and if we check on him, he cries louder and puts his hands out for us.

I've been hoping/praying this would eventually resolve on his own...that he'd go to sleep and wake up a happy baby. He has a great personality and is always happy during the day.

We do a bedtime routine and he goes to sleep/gets out of crib up at the same time every morning.

Any other suggestions? Will this eventually get better? I hate to hear him cry....he's crying as I type this.

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6 years 11 months ago #84619 by southernmd
My son is the same age! We struggled with bedtime too, and we ended up getting this turtle that projects stars (lights) all over the ceiling, as well as a glowworm whose face lights up when you hug it. We went after this combo, because one of my friends did it with her son, and it worked for her.

Anyway, now he smiles really big and looks comforted to hold his doll, I turn on his turtle, and he rolls on his side and looks at his doll as I leave the room. There is very minimal if any crying.

We were desperate and really struggling with crying and bedtime too, and i hate to say buying stuff fixed it....but it really did. Amazon Prime to the rescue!

Here's what we bought:

I have World up, and it won't let me paste, but it is Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light and Playschool Glowworm Lullaby Boy. It's a blue doll.

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6 years 11 months ago #84620 by lyn2006
Our son (now 26 months) has gone through stages when he would start waking up more at night crying and sometimes we could never find out the reason... but it did go away eventually. We tried going to his room, hugging him, tucking him back in with his favorite stuffed animal (that really does help, like southern said!), and singing one lullaby. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes if he was having a really rough night we would sleep in the extra twin bed in his room which helped more than anything else, although we tried to limit that obviously.

I don't remember how old he was when this seemed to get better, but after a few months he just started sleeping better without us really doing anything different. Although even now, though he is a really happy kid in general, he often wakes up kind of crabby. He needs 15-20 minutes in the morning to sit on the couch with his blankie and drink his milk before he's really himself.

I think you're doing the right things with having routines, and letting him do some crying. Good luck!

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6 years 11 months ago #84624 by SW to MD
southern, you are awesome. I am so getting that turtle. From
amazon. Right now.


My kids went through this stage also- it does get better! I do find that when we are off routine (you know, like Spring Break this past week...) we tend to see a return to the crying.

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6 years 11 months ago #84631 by clee03m
Warning: crunchy parent weighing in.

In case you are rethinking the CIO method, our approach has worked well for us. We started this when my son was little over a year old because he started to move and kick which was leading to everyone not sleeping well.

We have a twin size bed on a box spring on the floor right next to our bed. We read to my toddler and lay down with him until he falls asleep. He is waking us up as early as 6:30 which is driving us nuts though. He does sometimes wake up at night and cries (where my husband just reaches over and pats him until he falls asleep) or crawls into our bed. His two year molars are coming in which doesn't help.

I don't think CIO works for all kids. I know 2 moms who had phenomenal results and one mom who finally gave up her almost 2 year battle when her toddler was about 2 1/2.

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6 years 11 months ago #84637 by lyn2006
Yes, I will agree with Clee - CIO worked well with our son but it's not always so easy. It took 2 nights with maybe 15 minutes of crying the first night and 5 or 10 the second night but I have heard other parents who did not have such easy results! One of our friends' son would cry and scream until he vomited - clearly not a good option.

Our reason to do it was that we were both interns at the time and just couldn't sleep well with him in our room anymore (he was about 6 months old). He is such a noisy sleeper and I wake up with the slightest noise that we had to change things! However, it is definitely not for everyone :)

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