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Baby between undergrad and med school

6 years 11 months ago #88692 by sahmd
thinkinghard, it seems to me that most people have to move for medical school (and residency, too). People apply to schools all over the country to maximize their chances. You have a nice situation in your current location, but how would you feel about selling your home and moving to another area without family? How would your husband feel about leaving his job and finding one in a new city? I suppose an option is to apply only to schools in your immediate area. I am not really answering your specific questions, but location could play an important role in whether you would change your mind about going to medical school.

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6 years 11 months ago #88726 by thinkinghard
sahmd, basically the plan right now is to apply to the schools (of which there is only 1 MD program and 2 DO programs) in our area this first try, and maybe a few others along the West Coast. This would be true even if we don't have a baby now. If I don't get in here, then the plan is to apply more broadly the next cycle. I know that's not ideal from an admissions standpoint, but it's what seems most logical due to our circumstances.

My husband has a lot more flexibility in his job, and we could move if we had to, it would just require more planning. We would rather stay where we are, so we are going to try that first, and if it doesn't work out, we will start getting ready to make Plan B (applying elsewhere) work.

Even if I do get in here, we may still have to move for residency. So that's always going to be something of a consideration for us.

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