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Having a baby in early 4th year?!?! Advice please!

6 years 3 months ago #89274 by meadow

AmmaMD wrote: Another plus for having kids during medical school is that it's often waaay easier for people accommodate your needs changing. No service is going to collapse without its med student. If you realize you just can't go back as soon as you'd planned, or even want to take a whole year off, it's likely to be easier to swing as a student.

I have definitely found this to be the case after having a baby during my 2nd year. I love that there's not too much pressure and I always have that option to take some time off if I need it. In school, you can take months off if you schedule accordingly and enroll yourself in some longitudinal electives. You'll probably not have that flexibility in residency (although you will have a source of income, which is just as valuable if not more!)

I also think a lot depends on your baby's temperament too; if you have a baby late 4th year that turns out to be a colicky, refluxy, food allergy laden little rugrat like mine (love her!), you're in for a rough time when you start your intern year because s/he might not outgrow those things in time.

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6 years 3 months ago #89316 by karon921
Again, thanks for all the replies from everyone! Hearing everyone's story is great! My husband and I have been reading them and discussing all the options since I started this thread. We're still pretty sure we're going to shoot for 4th year if all works out. If anyone has anything else to offer please write away!

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