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can you go 8 hours without pumping?

6 years 5 months ago #90138 by AmmaMD
All I can say is: DON'T PANIC. We totally went through this, at the same age. It had been fine with my first child, and then right right right when I start going back, it fell apart, and I immediately jumped to this fear that he would never take a bottle and I would be forced to choose between my career and my child and blah blah blah. We tried a couple of different bottles, with a couple of different feeding positions, and making sure to offer it when he was calm and happy sometimes (and sleepy... and not starving and mad about it...), and were soon back on track. Turns out the vast majority of the time, that's what happens. But when the issue first came up, I was just terrified. And, honestly, even if it did turn out to be that rare case that where the bottle just never works again, by 4mo he totally can go straight to drinking from a spoon or a cup if needbe - especially if you're not working crazy 36h shifts or anything.

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