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Pregnant MSII now reconsidering (help - long post)

3 years 7 months ago #96380 by AlmostMSIV
Good morning!

I am an MSIII who is one month from becoming an MSIV, and I recently found out my husband and I are expecting a baby in November. While we are excited, we are also very aware that the timing really forces me into delaying my graduation so that I can take the needed time to recover (baby numero uno for us), and figure out my career path.

Up until now, I have been wholeheartedly OBGYN-focused. On my OBGYN rotation, I was pregnant, suffering first trimester exhaustion/nausea, had all the feelings, etc... Honestly, it made me reconsider my interests. I had a great month on Family Med, and really enjoyed that I could see some female patients, do some procedures, but have a somewhat "regular" schedule. The thought of being on OBGYN service in private practice, taking call, paying huge malpractice rates, and sometimes suffering through little sleep no longer sounds as appealing to me as it once did. I really enjoy the OR, but I am not a die-hard-must-have-the-OR to survive kind of person, so it leaves me guessing.

Additional background - my husband is a non physician, has a great professional income, and works from home a large portion of the week. In terms of making a FM salary work, I would not be the sole income provider in our house, and I am also not convinced there is that much of a gap between OBGYN and FM if you work for a hospital group anyways given recent research....

Anyone else suffer this crisis of conscious? I am now thinking taking some time off after the birth will help me be in the best mindset to make a decision regarding specialty. I still haven't done EM, and while it isn't at the top of my list, I guess at this point I am trying to be open to anything.

Any advice would be amazing. Have a great day ladies.

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3 years 7 months ago #96382 by sahmd
Congratulations! It is totally normal to reconsider your specialty choice after doing rotations. And then pregnancy and motherhood also help you see things with a different perspective. It is a little bit artificial that we have to commit to a specialty after limited exposure. I know that I tried to resolve my own specialty dilemma by talking to people in the specialties I was considering and by doing some electives in those specialties. It sounds like you already have a good understanding of the reality of OBGYN and are open to finding out about other specialties, so that is something you can do before and after your time off. And you will see how you feel after the baby is born and you see what kind of a parent you are and what kind of a parent your husband is and what your baby's needs are. It is nice that you are in a position to take time off. I hope everything works out well for you.

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3 years 7 months ago - 3 years 7 months ago #96398 by Eve1234
Wow, your situation sounds very similar to my situation last year! My baby was born around the same time as yours is expected.
I took the year off and have been able to spend time with my sweet baby and am now returning. My one piece of advice for you is to get as much done as you can now while you are pregnant. You may be tired and lazy, but trust me, it is SO much better than having to do rotations when your baby is at home and you are trying to find some call room to pump milk in. People are also nicer when you are visibly pregnant when you call out sick or have to leave early - this is no longer true now that I have a young baby and look physically just like everyone else. I was able to finish almost all of my 4th year rotations while pregnant, and I wish I had done more! Just save up 3 rotations that you need for LOR and do those when you return. Then take your time for interviews and you are done and can hang out with baby! Also save one last general medicine rotation (like an ICU or EM) for the end of the year so when you start intern year you aren't too rusty.
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