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Just started primary care career. Feeling confused

3 years 2 months ago #96625 by Sona
Hi all,

I just graduated from residency(internal medicine) and just started a career as a primary care physician. I work full-time, 36 hours/week(4.5 days) but I work for a company and they expect me to see a lot of patients so I'm pretty busy. I like that I get the weekends off and get to spend time with my husband. We got married a few months ago. He is not a doctor so he has normal office hours. We plan to have a baby in a 1-2 years. I can't see myself working 36 hours/week and able to take care of a baby and the housework. Sometimes, I think I should have gone the hospitalist route. A lot of my friends are hospitalists and they work one week on one week off. Although, the week on is tough. I also consider to become a part-time once I have a baby but I don't know if I will be able to find a part-time position near where I live or not. I wonder if there is anyone who were/are in the same situation and how they deal with it.

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3 years 2 months ago #96634 by sahmd
Hi Sona, I am not in primary care and am not a hospitalist, but I do work part time and it is definitely helpful. But you are right, part-time jobs are not always available, so it is good to think about other strategies in case you need to work full time. (BTW, full time in medicine is usually about 50 hours a week, so consider yourself lucky to be working 36!) One other source of help at home -- the main source, IMHO -- is your husband, who should want to spend time with his future child. Don't just assume that you should do all the childcare and housework. You can delegate some of these tasks to other family members if possible (i.e. your husband and the baby's grandparents) or to paid caregivers and housekeepers. If you do everything at home plus work full time, then you are at risk for burning out and wanting to quit. Take a look around MomMD for ways that other moms have been able to make it work. I hope everything works out!

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1 year 10 months ago #140950 by orchaid
HI Sona. Don't worry too much. You have to find a nanny/babysitter and everything gonna be fine. From my experience - hire a nanny and don't relay too much on your family/in-laws. You will avoid a lot of problems (if u know what i mean:)). Most of us work and have families and you can too. Just don't overthink it.

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