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13 years 5 months ago #42370 by siflower
Hi Stephanieoliva,
Congrats on your pregnancy, and best wishes for your new marriage!

Don't worry; your question about counting weeks of pregnancy is not a dumb one. I only recently learned how it was done myself. It's strange how the medical field does it--the 40 weeks of pregnancy starts from 2 weeks before conception. So you're 5 weeks pregnant, even though you only conceived 3 weeks ago. I know...it's counter-intuitive.

Berkleyite, congratulations to you, too!

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13 years 4 months ago #42371 by tsunami
Hi! I am 35 years old and currently finishing my 2nd of a 3 yr fellowship. I am 24 wks pregnant with twins. These will be our first kids.

My OB took me out of work at 21 wks for incompetent cervix. I had a cerclage placed and now I am on bedrest until I deliver in Oct. This was a big surprise to me because I was planning to work until September, and did not even think I would have to take an additional 3-4 months off before the babies are born. My program worked out a plan for me to come back after maternity leave and make up the 6 months that I will be out.

I probably won't finish my fellowship in time to take my 2 board exams for my subspecialty in Oct 2007. I will finish in Nov 2007. Do you think just being only BE for a year before I can take my boards will hurt me in my job search??

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