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"teenage mothers"

15 years 2 months ago #44794 by lacey
What a wonderful topic! I did not realize so many young moms were on this site. I married at age 19 and had my son at age 20 and my daughter at age 21. They are 22 months and 4 months old now. People say to me "How do you do it?" I say to them that my kids keep me motivated. When I wake up and take them to daycare I know that I am going to school to get an education that will help brighten all of our futures. As long as we do not lose sight of our goals we will all succeed. The good lord will see us through. Never worry about what others are saying or thinking about you. As long as you know you are a good mom then thats all that matters! :D

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15 years 2 months ago #44795 by mommydionne
You know sometimes the looks never go away, I was recently at a community event (hockey signups, all the resource people there) with my hubby and 3 kids and I'm six months preggers (again I know I'm nuts but pretty happy) and the resource lady at one of the booths almost leapt across her table with a whack of pamplets etc for me and told me to call if I ever needed help etc.
I'M 36 YEARS OLD and am one of these old burnt out docs!! My husband laughed when I told him, (he was off chatting at the time) so don't worry about what other people think love your kids and be happy if you are having them young cause my back is killing me ;)

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