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Practical wedding rings for docs?

13 years 10 months ago #47116 by doctormom
We designed our own bands and took our ideas to a jewelry maker. Ask around or look in the yellow pages. It was a little more expensive but well worth it.

Sorry to rain on your parade but there are some important things to consider:

All that gold has to be mined from somewhere. Our preferences come at a cost to the world.

Most diamonds in US come from South African mines. You can imagine the human rights abuses it takes to get them here. Think about that next time you see someone's huge rock! If you really want a diamond, maybe there is a relative's that you can recycle (ie my grandmother's diamond.) Also, there are jewelry stores that sell diamonds from companies with better human rights records. Look on the internet of NY Times for details.

Yes, you most likely will catch your ring on patient's skin and clothing, wheelchairs etc. I found a band without a stone works best for me.
Congratuations and best of luck!

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13 years 10 months ago #47117 by pschmom1
This is an interesting topic b/c I am getting married in Sep and my engagement ring is 2.5 carrots. The custom bands that we have been talking about will put it to a 4 or so carrot ring. Will that mean I will never wear it? :eek: I guess I will wear a strong necklace, maybe a 3mm white gold omega and just loop it into that. I'm not so much of a plain band type of girl so that will have to do. Will that be ok when I am in the OR though? I guess I'll figure it out b/c I'm not giving it up ;) :D

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13 years 10 months ago #47118 by PhD2MD
Wearing chains is pretty frowned on in the OR here, too many epithelials can get scrapped off apparently. The safety pin to the bra or on the watch on scrubs is probably the best idea, don't ever attach it to scrubs unless it's on the tie that you are going to untie when you take them off otherwise you will eventually and definitely loose them in the laundry.

My engagement ring and wedding band are both very smooth settings, couldn't scratch yourself if you tried, and fit under gloves nicely for those times you don't need to scrub in... my X-ring though I have had to stop wearing though, what a pain.


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