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anyone with an autistic child?

14 years 8 months ago #47581 by caroline
I'm a practicing internist and mother of fraternal twin boys who will be 2yo in July. My son Christopher has mild autism...is there anyone else out there?

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14 years 8 months ago #47582 by sargasso
i don't have an autistic child but was talking toa mom in my son's gymboree class whose child has autsim. i asked what new intervention she had becuas ehe was doing great. he was potty trained (he's 3 or 4) in the last few weeks and he responds when you talk to him. we said hi! he actually said what sounded like Hi back! normally he ignores us. she said that she had put him on a casein free-gluten free diet and that i should recomend it to everyone who has an autistic child. when i was working in child psychiatry last summer we had a family that did that also with great success. so it's something to ask around about and research.... the change in this chidl is a span of weeks was phenomenal!

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14 years 8 months ago #47583 by momofchris
Hi Caroline! I have a 3 yo (named Christopher as well!) and he has high-functioning autism/Asperger/PDD-NOS, depending on whom you ask. I also have a baby who appears to be neurotypical so far, though we're keeping a very close eye on him. I'll be starting my internal medicine residency in a couple of weeks. I've spent most of my 4th year of med school researching autism etiology, treatment, etc. We should talk- feel free to PM or email me through this board.

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14 years 8 months ago #47584 by mommd2b
I have a 10 year old who has not been officially diagnosed with Asperger, but very likely has it. We made the choice not to go through with the neuropsych testing for several reasons and are taking an 'as if' approach.

What makes us think that he doesn't have Aspergers is that he is very social and interested in friendships, etc. He is so gentle and loving with our 18 month old and really wants to make friends with people. He suffers becuase he has so few friends. That being said, he is extremely socially akward and at times socially inappropriate...ie..no one plays with him at recess, so ... he started practicing puppeteering by himself right there at the playground and can't really understand that this isn't appropriate. :( He really has struggled this year with outrageous teasing because the differences between him and his peer group are becoming more obvious.

On the flipside, he is gifted in math and takes part in Stanford's EPGY math program where he is 2 years ahead of his classmates. He was also one of 4 children in our area invited to a young author's conference that drew over 700 participants from the state and neighboring states (nomination was based on his writing).

He does, however, get 'hooked' on one theme. Right now it is puppeteering. He will put in our muppets/sesame street and practice for hours with the puppet we made together, Fuzzo. If I didn't intervene, he would do this activity all day. :( Currently, he has decided he will be a famous puppeteer and move to London when he is an adult. Last year, it was the same thing but he wanted to be a cartographer...he used to draw and redraw and redraw and redraw maps of the state or the world. He eventually had them all memorized. He becomes a little 'mini-expert' in these areas when he goes through this sort of obsessive phase. Right now, for example, he knows everything about every person involved in sesame street or muppets. He listens again and again to the extras that come with the movies that talk about puppeteering and does web searches about all of the puppeteers.
It's all he wants to talk about and he can be difficult to redirect because he gets his feeling hurt.

That's more information that I am sure you wanted. I'm not sure why I felt the need to write it out other than I'm going through my own process of 'coming to terms'. I guess the short answer is...I understand that it can be difficult raising a child with special needs. Feel free to PM me anytime.


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14 years 8 months ago #47585 by mommydionne
my godson has autism ( my husband and I diagnosed him on a vacation with his folks 2 years ago) they are now involved with a intense home program where the therapist comes to their home for three hours every day for the next six months, his mom had to take a leave of absense from work but the therapy is being covered by the province(socialized medicine can be a good thing!) he is doing well and is starting to talk!!(he's 3 1/2)early intervention seems to be the way to go!

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14 years 8 months ago #47586 by Cabinbuilder
That sound exactly like my son, who is 9!! We had him tested in kindergarten by as Asperger's specialist who determined he does not have that but instead the consesus was a mild form of Pervasive Developmental Disorder. He finally has one friend this year and is very intense about certain things: especially math and spelling. He has difficulty with speech fluidity and abstract thinking. He can read anything but has difficutly with the comprehension of a paragraph and cannot always tell you what he just read is about. We put him in karate for the discipline because he does very well in a strict, regimented routine. His feelings get hurt very easily and I have to be careful about how I phrase things. Its fun though watching jeopardy with him and trying to follow how his mind works - keeps me on my toes!! Good luck. I hope your school system is as good as ours with academic assistance.

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