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anyone with an autistic child?

14 years 8 months ago #47587 by mommd2b

Our school has done an unfortunately poor job of handling things. These are supposed to be the 'best' schools and we had high hopes...we have been very disappointed.

Our son has been humiliated this year by horrendous teasing and the schools have basically said "yes, kids can be mean....he needs to toughen up". It has been awful.

We are switching to a new charter school this Fall and are hoping that things will improve.


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14 years 8 months ago #47588 by Cabinbuilder
Mommd2b: I'm sorry your school system is so unforgiving about the teasing. Sounds like the charter school is a better idea. I am fortunate that my son has great teachers who do not tolerate teasing in the classroom. We told the principal of the school that if there was ever a problem that was not addressed, my husband would sit at school with my son to be sure he got the maximum learning experience without excessive disruption. Fortunately for us that has never had to be. We had an incident last month where he came home and burst into tears stating that his one friend was not his friend anymore. We were able to get the issue resolved at school through the mediators and they are now friends. My son has trouble verbalizing what he means sometimes and it can be taken a different way (as was this case) and things get ugly.

For me I worry about having to move next year for residency. He will be starting 5th grade at that time so hopefully most of his little quirks are not so noticable by then. We'll see. I hope your sone does better in charter school. I would not put up with the school not doing anything and perhaps drastic measures must be taken.

Good luck.

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14 years 7 months ago #47589 by attila
I've found Tomatits treatment and Fast Forword to help quite a bit with autistic patients. You might want to look at this powerpoint presentation, written by my sister, who is a neurologist.


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