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14 years 5 months ago #48250 by gingerdoc
We have a teenage son and recently we found nude pics on his phone and later on the pc(firefox browser not apparently protected with antivirus).this is a boy who was so well behaved intelligent at school and so polite. Talked to him and he admitted having recieved these from friends and now were are so scared we do not know what to do.my hubby and I are both docs but when it's your child you fail to reason and think. kindly help!!

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14 years 5 months ago #48251 by MTaylor
Let me state up front, I have no teenage sons...but I do have teenaged brothers...

...I say, it's not a big deal. So what if he looks at naked pix of girls. The bigger issue is sex, and safer sex. If he feels you guys are freaked about about some pictures...

At least they weren't pictures of naked children...or something more disturbing. You have to admit, naked pictures of *women* for a teenage boy is within the realm of *normal.*

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14 years 5 months ago #48252 by attila
My eldest was looking at porn a couple years ago (age 12). She got it from some predator she met on a teen forum; we had a nanny net. We put the only Internet enabled computer in a lockable room (my own); had the cops trace the predator (nope he hadn't done anything provable in court, but I believe in the hassle factor), and put her on zero privileges for several months. She hasn't done anything wrong with the Internet for at least a year. On the other hand, this past fall (age 14, eighth grade) she was picked up joyriding in my minivan on a mountain road in the middle of the night. (Her position was it wasn't fair that she couldn't have a license because everyone else in her school already had their license, as you can get one at 14 in Arkasas.) This was undoubtably because she was going in to school early to hang with the popular crowd (all troublemakers) in the new public school she was in after we moved from Indiana. (She told me she was going in early to get extra help in Honors Algebra.) This resulted in loss of all privileges for six months for my kid and her immediate transfer to a local Southern Baptist day school; restraint orders on her prior acquaintances; and warrant for troublemaker boyfriend who didn't believe restraint orders were enforceable. (He was a recent immigrant from Honduras, and his parents sent him home rather than have him face the charge.) Since then things have been relatively calm again, and she now has all privileges back again, and is getting A's and B's in everything but science (C). (Sigh, my fault, I have difficulty transmitting respect for science as taught in her school. Although it is kinda sweet to see Adam and Eve among the dinosaurs on the posters on the wall, and to hear second hand about her school's theories on the creation. But she takes biology next year, and that uses a decent text. The other courses are taught quite reasonably, even, for the most part, Christian Studies, and although it is too bad that the teacher of the course is a moron, I point out that this gives us both the opportunity to exercise the virtue of charity. (Evidence to support my position that the gentleman in question is a moron: (1) "The Pope is an agent of the devil, so we shouldn't mourn the death of JP II" (2) "Catholics believe that it's okay to drink and have sex and do whatever on Mardi Gras because the next day they are going to go to Confession, but we Christians believe in following Jesus every day" and (3), (to my kid) "You are in Honors Spanish and Honors Algebra? But you're Hispanic! Wow, you must be really smart!" What I wouldn't give for a good Catholic high school, or better still, a solid college preparatory school in this town like the one she was in back in Indiana. I may send her to boarding school for eleventh grade, but right now (entering ninth) she needs the parental supervision.

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14 years 5 months ago #48253 by Empi
Oh, Attila, yuk, yuk!!!

The educational options sound bad and a bit better. Baptists have no clue about Catholicism.

Anyway, I have teenagers and we discovered at least one was looking at forbidden places (can look in the history.) so we put up a good blocker but sometimes (oftentimes) it blocks legitimate sites (as in when they're doing research) We continue to look in the history but, as much as it's our duty as parents to monitor and block access it's completely *normal* for healthy teenagers to try to look at porn.

Attila, your daughter is blessed to have a mother who is doing her job, remember that when she's telling you how much she hates you.

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14 years 5 months ago #48254 by gingerdoc
Many Many thanks guys for all your response. Am sorry am only getting back now and so shattered.will do a post properly later :tired:

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14 years 4 months ago #48255 by Chandra
Hiya guys,
I, too, have a teenager. Daughter age 14.
We havent had a problem yet :boggled:
Then shortly after I heard these lyrics my 3 year old son was running around singing the lyrics to another song. :weeping:
Frustrated, I told her that she is not allowed to play any rap that contains explicit lyrics in the house and she is not allowed to blast the music to heaven, like she usually does.
My prayer is that this is just a phase and that it will not last long.....also that this style of rap will loose its appeal by the time my 3 year old son becomes a teen! :D

Am I being to harsh? Any creative suggestions?

"Living and Loving It"

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