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Fast Food?

15 years 6 months ago #48414 by lori
I feel like one of the worst mothers in the world! Take out is limited to once a month and it is almonst always Chinese (just plum can't afford it). We survive on Crock pot cooking most of the time. Lots of leftovers also. I try to make one or two big meals a week and depend on that for left overs throughtout the week with a little variation (roasted chicken turn into a pot pie; roast into Stroganoff, open face sandwiches etc etc). Meals can't get a little boring sometimes but there are usually no complaints from my husband or son. Try to be as healthy as possible but I have noticed that since starting med school, more red meat had been incorporated into our diet (never used to eat it more than once a week; now it is about 3 times). Oh well, whatever works right?

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15 years 6 months ago #48415 by PremedRN
Believe it or not, even with 6 kids, when working and going to school, I still usually manage to cook. Now that makes me sound like such a saint, right? ....Well, the secret is the stuff I cook. Lately I have run up on some entrees by Hormel and Dinning In, they are already prepared meat (not like salisbary steak from swanson, or those turkey slices) but things like, beef au jus, pork chops and gravy, chicken breasts and gravy, pork roast, the meat comes frozen in a tray, but the meat is also contained in a sealed plastic bag inside the tray, you boil the bag in water for 10 minutes, and you are done with the main course! The meat tastes VERY close to home cooked, and the meats arent as processed as the typical entree you bake from frozen from like Swanson. I will cook some 5-7 minute cook time noodles or rice from Lipton and open a can or two of veggies, and VOILA..instant, great meal under 20 minutes. Oh, and the trays that the meat comes in (trays can also be used to microwave the meat)....I cut open the boiled bags and pour the meat in them, I just throw 'em away after everyone is eating. No mess for me!!!!! Try it you guys, let me know how it works out. They usually cost anywhere from 4.99 to about 6.99, depending on the store, for the most part though, they are 4-5.99. I have caught them on sale for 3.99, however, I stocked up.

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15 years 6 months ago #48416 by EKM
Right now I am just trying to save up money so I can not work as much this fall, so that is my motivation for trying not to eat out as much, also I feel really guilty when my son eats fries, nuggets, and cheeseburgers a lot. There is NOTHING in that crap that is good for him. I could really care less what I eat, but he is a baby still(19 mons) and I don't want that to be ALL that he eats.
Unfortunately we do eat a lot of frozen pizzas(not much better I know :scratchchin: ) like digornos, and we do eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a lot.
After I get off work, pick up my kids and go home, cooking is the LAST thing on my mind. :(
But as for fast food, now that we have cut back, my checkbook is looking a whole lot better. :)

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