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Need advice on weaning

12 years 8 months ago #49413 by E
Thanks for the input, ladies. I think I have a diehard nurser. She's almost 17 months old, and has been eating solids for almost a year and drinks from a cup. She's actually a good little eater, and not too picky. She just loves to nurse.

She's verbal enough to demand it. [Just a word of advice to those of you who plan to breastfeed-- don't call it "boob". You WILL regret it (several times a week in my case :blush: )]. I've tried to distract her, but she's persistent. She's still nursing early in the morning, sometimes before I leave for work, when I come home for lunch, usually after I get home from work, before bedtime, and usually around 3 am. On weekends, when I'm around more, she wants to nurse several times a day. So far, she shows no sign of slowing down. If I try to distract her, she'll usually melt down, and she'll stand up in the crib yelling "Mommy, BOOB!" at the top of her lungs during the night. I guess I'll just have to keep trying the distraction technique, keep her full on solids, and hope that she'll lose interest.

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12 years 8 months ago #49414 by romd
Hi E,

Sorry I don't have the answers (YET, hopefully!), but I'm a kindred spirit! I too have a "diehard nurser" - reading your post, I can identify with everything single thing you wrote.

DS is almost 16 months, loves solid foods (eats everything, great appetite), and drinks well from any cup, straw, or Poland Spring bottle. However, he too LOVES to nurse. My plan was always to breastfeed until age 1, then start weaning, but he's so persistent that I haven't made much headway. Like your daughter, he still nurses several times a day, AND thinks I'm an all-night diner as well!

He's more distractable if we're out and someone other than me is interacting with him. At home, it's much harder, especially since I'm his primary caretaker. I guess since I, and my boobs, are always around, the temptation's just too much for him to resist! He especially needs it to nap and to sleep at night, and whenever he's not feeling well. I wish I worked outside the home or have other people to help take care of him; I think it'd be easier to wean then. Occasionally, when he spends time with Dad without me, he does fine without the breast all day. But when I finally come home, he's unstoppable!

I have truly enjoyed breastfeeding. He's healthy and has hardly ever been sick. It has been nice to have a sure-fire method to soothe him from any and all ails, and that gorgeous happy smile on his face when he sees me is very sweet... But it's now more like the giddy grin of an addict about to get his fix! I'm soooo ready to stop and have my first full-night's sleep in 16 months.

Well, let me know if you come across anything that works well and I'll do the same. Good luck!

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12 years 7 months ago #49415 by hirablue
Hi there ladies-

I know I'm far out of the "norm" for nursing mamas, but I just thought I'd add my $.02. I nursed my daughter until she was 3 and a half. I NEVER in my wildest dreams before having a baby thought I'd nurse this long, it didn't seem "right". Well, Lucy changed all that. I have an incredibly sensitive, articulate, intelligent, and emotional daughter who has strong emotional needs that need to be met. Nursing was a big help to that end. It was also a wonderful way to settle and connect after a busy and active day.

When she was about 2 and a half, I decided no more night nursing. After a couple rough nights, she no longer asked to night-nurse. She slowly dwindled some of her daytime nursings, but there were times, cycles, when she had more comforting needs than others.

I would often talk about how someday we would stop nursing and there would be no more milk, etc. and these conversations were always met with an "i'm not ready yet. when i'm older." (or a mama - ha ha)

Then, when she turned 3.5, I noticed she was taking on more "grownup" things. So i offered her a bribe (also know that bribes do not generally work on Lucy - she was seemingly immune for potty training and weaning - everything is on HER TIME) of a toy she wanted.

She was ready!

There were a couple wimpers for a couple of days, but she knew it was over, and it was. I couldn't believe how easy it was!

I guess the moral of my particular story is that there is nothing wrong with "extended" breastfeeding so long as it is OK with you and your child. And, there are easier times to wean. Wait for a time when your child is in a positive phase and it will be easier on everyone. Those phases happen all the time, you don't have to wait until age 3, but I encourage you to pay attention to those negative ones (you ALL know what i mean!!) and don't try it during that time.

Good luck!

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12 years 7 months ago #49416 by KL
Hi Ladies--

I can really relate to what some of you have been going through! I have a 20 mo old daughter who is a huge fan of nursing, and I'm terrified about how she'll cope with the weaning process in the future! Usually we only nurse in the mornings and at night because of my work schedule, but we've had a lot of transitions in the past few weeks (moving, staying with family, etc), and now her world is upside down! Consequently, she is nursing like crazy these days, and yesterday she was sobbing in IKEA because she wanted to lay down in a display bed and nurse!!! :goodvibes:

While I'm thrilled that I am able to provide her with comfort and nourishment through nursing, I'm want to figure out how to wean in a way that is minimally traumatic to her (and me!). Does anyone have advice on weaning while still co-sleeping? For instance, is it easier to get your little one into their own bed first, and then wean, or vice versa? At this point, I'd like to wean within the next six months, and I welcome any advice.


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