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What residency is the most "familiar"?

11 years 6 months ago #50200 by jhmd
I have been reading some post here and many of them really motivated me in some many ways.
Now I am asking for any advice about residency and family time...I am an IMG graduated last year an came back to US , now I am in the way to take my steps and apply for a residency program.
But I would like to know in your experiences which medical residency and specialty which be the one that let me have family time...I am a mom of a 2 yo and will due my second boy in September and family is very important to me .
I like pediatrics also family Medicine and Obstetrics but I studied 6 years of Obstetrics in my country before get my MD ( there are a program for what I think you call midwifes..)I know that it is really hard when you can be called any time.I used to wanted to become a cardiovascular surgeon before I met my husband and have a family since I loved to live in the hospital and stay many hours in the OR...but now I love my family much more than that but still have my passion for medicine which my husband really supports.
So please help me to know how some programs are here, I know this reality is different than what I come from and my husband is very supportive ( he is engineer) but we both decided that I will do a medical training in some field that let us to have a good family time.

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11 years 6 months ago #50201 by swissmiss
I think you have some tough decisions to make. I will say that Ob/Gyn is not particularly family friendly and I would not do it unless you absolutely don't enjoy any other field (I am an ob/gyn which is why I feel I can say this - and I didn't enjoy any other field which is why I did it!).

I would say the same thing about just about any field in surgery.

However, if you loved cardiovascular surgery and wanted to spend many hours in the OR, I'm not sure how happy you'll be in one of the more "family-friendly" fields such as family medicine or pediatrics. They don't tend to attract the hard-core surgeon types.

But, fields such a family practice or pediatrics do have more of a chance of being able to job share if that is something that is interesting to you so they are very attractive for that reason.

The other thing to consider is the length of the residency when choosing a field and wanting to spend more time with your family. While nearly many specialities will have an improved quality of life after residency (though not all given the new residency hours restrictions), residency for internal medicine, family practice, and pediatrics is only 3 years, ob/gyn 4 and cardiovascular surgery 7yrs+ ?

For me, spending even 40 hours a week in a field I hate would be worse than 80 hours a week in a field I love. So, I think you have to also think about how much you will enjoy what you will do in addition to how many hours a week you'll have to work.

Good Luck!

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11 years 6 months ago #50202 by mamabear
Is there a link where residency lengths are listed for each specialty?

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11 years 6 months ago #50203 by TexasRose
FREIDA has the length of the training programs, info on individual programs, etc.

To the original poster: Family Medicine is probably one of the most family-friendly residencies in general. Psychiatry is also friendly. The nice thing about Family is that you would still be seeing and delivering pregnant patients if you wished. Also, kids and minor procedures. Sounds like it might be a good fit for someone with your varied interests. :)

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11 years 6 months ago #50204 by jhmd
Thank you for your advices,Texas Rose thanks for the link and swissmiss thanks for remembering me that I would do something I like, that's what my husband tells me in this process of choosing a residency program.
I know it could sound like I have varied interests but mainly I like to work with kids/babies,that was the reason I studied obstetrics ( wanted to deliver babies and get involved with their development before they arrive to this world) before enter to med school to get an md I mean It is kind of hard to enter in md school where I am from since when I did it almost 15000 people take the exam and just 230 get a place.
When I did my surgery rotation I got in love with cardiovascular surgery especially with the congenital surgeries and when I did my pediatric rotation it was really great.
I like to make in ER or OR and when I was single I used to live in the hospital but having family changes some priorities and they come first.
What I want to say is that I know I will choose something that really I like ( I do not like Psychiatry or Radiology)but also I want to choose something that is family- friendly since I want to enjoy my family and mi kids.
So thanks for sharing your experiences and help me know how residency training and specialties are here.
Sorry for any mistake ,English is not my mother tongue.
Thanks and God bless you all.

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11 years 6 months ago #50205 by swissmiss
I do agree with TexasRose and sort of forgot to mention in my post that with Family Medicine, you can often tailor your practice to the things you like - for instance, if you like working with women and children you can focus on those populations and do some OB. If you really enjoy a particular aspect of Family Medicine, I think you'll often find those types of patients come to you in greater numbers because you become known for being good at it!

In any case, good luck with your decisions, residency applications and your family!

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