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12 years 3 months ago #50410 by plum
As far as Combi: We have the centre DX seat and matching stroller. It is AWESOME. Because: It is lightweight and folds up great (as the previous poster said) I feel the same about it for longer walks, it is too low for my husband also BUT if you look at the alternative, those Graco monstrosoties (sp?) are WAY too big. Combi does make double strollers too, both side by side and front to back. I have been very happy with our Combi. In fact, two of our sets of friends who have had new babies have followed suit. I will say this: We also have the Chariot for jogging biking and we use that ALOT. The combi stroller is our more around town/shopping/short walk to the doctors office stroller. But it travels great. We are going to the Bahamas over the holidays and the combi is all we are taking.

Cosleeping: It is not a co-sleeper but I would really check out the AMBY baby bed. It is a baby hammock type thing that can be right next to your bed (imagine one of those banana hangers and the hammock is the banana). My sister-in-law had one and her baby slept through the NIGHT AT TWO WEEKS! Disclaimer: so did my sister-in-law as an infant. That said, our daughter was a very poor sleeper, a refluxer, a preemie. She would never nap for more than an hour. I put her in her cousins AMBY bed and she napped for 3 hours...needless to say we bought one. She did manage to sleep through the night for 2 nights on her own prior to having it (she was 4 months) but after we got it she slept like a dream. When they wiggle and squirm it moves the hammock and kind of swings them to sleep. In my opinion the AMBY bed teaches them to put themselves to sleep without the whole Ferberizing-letting-them-cry thing. To get her out of it I would have her nap in her crib and now she is in her crib all the time. We are lending ours to some friends who just had a baby, they can't wait until we bring it down to them. Also, even though I am not a big Dr. Sears fan, it IS Dr. Sears certified. It will be great too because if our daughter is still in the crib when we have another having the AMBY bed will buy us 7-9 months of time until we have to move our daughter to a real bed. It is 200$ but when we weren't sleeping it was money well spent, we were becoming borderline psychotic.

We have the diaper champ and like it. When I empty it on garbage night I usually leave it out in the hall open without a bag in it to let it air out overnight. Otherwise the diaper smell was permeating the plastic.

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12 years 3 months ago #50411 by docE
I had never heard of the amby baby bed so just went to look it up. It does seem very cool and looks really comfortable. There were a lot of safety awards and ratings, but for some reason it just doesn't look safe to me. Can an older baby (4-6 months) not wiggle out of this or tip it over or end up squashed towards one side? I'm sure if I saw it in person it might be easier to tell, but it looked like it had the potential for trouble. I would like one for myself though!

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12 years 3 months ago #50412 by docE
I just found this on youtube of a baby in the amby bed-now I really wish I could have one for myself! This does look like a pretty unique bed, and I guess must be pretty safe.

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12 years 3 months ago #50413 by plum
As far as tipping it over, the frame is very stable. The directions do recommend that once the baby can get to sitting by themselves that their awakenings are supervised. I think that is usually around 9 months. The spring it comes with is rated to 25 pounds and they sell a spring that will go up to 35#. I guess another relative of my S-I-L's used it through the first year. She said that the increasing weight of the kid puts them close enough to the ground that they can't wiggle it as much.

Before we went fully to the crib (which I have done mostly because when she starts daycare full time in Jan. she will be napping in a crib and I didn't want her freaking out about that (the transition is going to be hard enough!) she was able to bounce it pretty good but she did it for fun and to soothe herself. We would hear bounce bounce bounce sometimes at night but rarely a peep. I didn't worry about her falling out or tipping it over or anything. I DID worry a bit about her rolling onto her side and mashing her face into the side but....I worry about that in the crib. I think that the Back to Sleep thing has us all at terror level 5 all the time.

One really dumb thing about it....we got the natural cotton one and one morning she peed through everything so my husband, being the good dad he was put everything in the wash and it shrunk! How lame is that! So I ended up trimming down the mattress a bit and it was fine. I wonder if the regular cotton sheets are different. But It comes with a mattress pad and two sheets and other than that time it really wasn't a problem. I just put a spit rag around the mattress where her head was and that kept the sheets pretty clean except for her rare pee-through or blow-out.

Its really been a great thing for us. :cool: :cool:

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12 years 3 months ago #50414 by liball
I have a stroller suggestion for you!

I shopped forever to find the perfect stroller for my 2 daughters, 19 months apart in age. We have a garage full of strollers but our favorite on ethat got the most use is a tandom model with 1) regular seat in front that has an attachment to hook on an infant car seat & 2) a jump seat and standing platform in the back.
There are a couple different models-
1) Stand On Tandem Stroller - Caboose by Joovy Found this one at babies r us
2) Sit 'n Stand Elite Stroller and Double Stroller. Found these from One Step Ahead

We have the Sit 'n Stand model and love it. We have taken it everywhere in the past 2 years. During airline trips we figured out a full size Britax car seat will fit on the jump seat so we have put the baby in that & the big girl in the front and cruise through the airport instead of my husband having to carry the car seat and the rest of the luggage. But on our last airline trip the handlers broke the main support piece and strollers aren't covered by the airlines (didn't know this) so now it has duct tape holding it together but I will use it until it falls apart.

Dr. Mommy to Carissa, Lauren & James

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12 years 2 months ago #50415 by ohiomommd
I'm baack... and still preggo :-)!!

Any more Amby testimonials? Easy to nurse and lay baby back in when you rouse again? I'm really interested in improving the quality of baby-sleep and quantity of mommy-sleep, but this all started with needing a co-sleeper where baby would be safe after I fall alseep nursing.

have fun! Interns are almost half-way through!

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