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11 years 1 week ago #50814 by LauraMD
I have always written notes for my kids to go back to school. I mean, it just needs to be a 'doctor's' note, right? I just say, "[Name] was ill [dates] and is released to go back to school on [date]." If they have questions they can call me--no one ever has. :) Really, who pays more attention to their health than me?

I think kpzr has a good point, though.. we definitely have a family doctor, to whom they go to if I am concerned at all. They get shots/well checks/sick visits with him when needed.

And when they carve my stone, all they need to write on it is, "Once lived a man who got all he ever wanted..." --Ty Herndon

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11 years 1 week ago #50815 by residentmom
I no longer treat my children for their acute illnesses- ever since the time I prescribed an antibiotic my child was allergic to (it was her first exposure to it, so this was not foreseeable, but still...). My policy is now that I let someone else handle it, as the guilt was overwhelming.

ResidentMom<br /><br />"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much." --Jackie O.

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