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most flexible med schools?

11 years 2 months ago #50946 by Emily2651

Originally posted by mamabear:
Emily2651 --

May I ask how you're turning your 4 years into 5? Is it time off or will the work be spread out somehow? Thanks!

Neither. I added a research year. I'm only three weeks in, but so far, it's working beautifully. I have extra time with my little guy and I'm making research progress. Very happy. But I don't think this option is really what you're looking for?

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11 years 2 months ago #50947 by mamabear
Thank you, ladies, sooooo much for your responses!

It really helps my 'information-gatherer' within to get a better idea of how med school/training balances with the rest of life outside medicine!

twinmom -- Sorry I asked a dumb question about your kids' age! I forgot your moniker when I wrote the question, so it didn't I occur to me your kids' were twins! How silly of me! I'm going to post a somewhat related question to your last post re:attachment parenting but in a new thread.

Emily2651 -- I am interested in research almost more than treating patients! I am aware that research can be time-consuming, but I know it can also be flexible. My questions in this thread have been about med school because though I hope to be an MD/PhD, I want to be prepared for going for the MD regardless and still doing research and/or applying for a PhD later if I can't get into a dual track program. I also was asking about med schools because I anticipate they are more structured/rigid than PhD programs.

Big thanks again to everyone for their thoughtful responses!

You ladies rock!

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