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12 years 8 months ago #6955 by doctormom
Does anyone have advice about hiring a live in versus live out nanny versus an aupair? Also, how can I cover 80 hours/week when a nanny can only work 40 hours...do I hire 2 of them? And how am I going to pay for that on a residents salary??

What has worked/not worked for other people?

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12 years 8 months ago #6956 by AnnaM
What worked for us when my husband had to go out of town for 18 months was to have a live-out nanny during the day and at night we had a young woman who had a day job but was losing her roommate and needed a place to stay. She got free room and board in exchange for getting home by 5 when the day nanny left, making dinner for the kids, and carrying a pager when I was on call. It didn't cost us much extra, and she became almost a member of the family. Asking one person to do it all is a bit much. Au Pairs are limited to 45 hours a week. Someone else on the board mentioned recently a similar arrangemwnt to what we had, but involving a college student living in, which could be great for the student if you could find the right one and if you live in a college town.

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12 years 8 months ago #6957 by pulpo
We have a nanny from 7-6pm M-F and have had to hire part time help for our nanny and to clean the house now that our twins are now mobile. We've been very fortunate in that our regular nanny is wonderful with the kids, extremely reliable, etc. We pay her what averages out to be $12/hr plus FICA benefits. Our part time help is great too. She works M&T 2-8pm, Th 9-6pm. but she is far less reliable- she has not shown up at least 5 times in the past 4 months that she's been with us (didn't call the first 3times). We tolerate it because she's a good person and the best housekeeper we've ever had. So that's one option- though probably more expensive in the long run.

Most of our friends have live-in nannies, some legal and others not. Generally you pay live-in's less because you provide room and board. The downside is you have someone living with you and eating meals with you- can be awkward at first, especially if you're shy like me. Also, you need to have enough room so your nanny has a place to sleep. The advantages: don't have to worry about getting home at set time and can be more flexible for you if you get called into hospital unexpectedly.

As for finding a nanny, you can go through an agency, which usually will run background check for criminal activity & may do health screening, but they usually charge fees (either flat fee or couple months of nanny's pay). Most people we know found their nannies via word of mouth. You can always do your own background check and get nanny to get ppd, etc. yourself.

Finally, you could consider sharing one or more nannies. My brother and his wife (both residents) share a nanny with another resident couple. Their kids are about same age. The day before, they check their schedules to figure out who will be home earliest. If my brother will get home first, the other couple drops their child off at my brother's house and the nanny shows up there. That way, my brother gets home after work, the nanny leaves, and he is able to watch both kids until the other couple can pick up their kid. Good luck. Hope this was helpful. :)

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