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Pregnancy during Pathology residency

7 years 4 weeks ago #87950 by Caroline82
I am currently an MSIII and I am planning on applying to pathology residencies next year. My husband and are are currently trying to decide whether it would be better to try to have our first child during 4th year or during residency? Are there any issues with being pregnant while in path residency chemical exposures etc and how much time are residents generally able to take off? The main downside I see of pregnancy during 4th year is that I may be visibly showing during interviews and have morning sickness.. Any advice would be much appreciated!! :)

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7 years 3 weeks ago #87961 by pathomama
Several of my friends had babies during our residency (some more than 1), and it was no big deal really. I think they took off 8 weeks or so. Any more than that and I believe you have to make it up and not graduate on time, but this was 6-7 years ago so I'm not sure what the current rules are. On the other hand, I waited until I was done with residency, which was a good thing since I ended up on strict bed rest for 12 weeks, and then 10 more weeks of maternity leave. I would have graduated way late if that happened during residency! But most people don't have problems and work up until the end. Good luck with your decision!

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