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16 years 11 months ago #8862 by CMH1974
:boggled: Mom MD is such a great site and I love to go on it and read the topics. All of you are so great for doing what you do and you are all such a wonderful influence for so many people. Keep up the good work! Any advice would be great. :grouphug:

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16 years 11 months ago #8863 by Anki
Hi Christina!

I know that "I'm not in the mood" feeling! :)
I'm almost never in the mood for studying when I'm at home, and especially not during evenings.
What I usually do: I try to get out of the house whenever I can for studying. I go to a library, park or any near and preferably BORING place - if there's nothing else, even our bathroom can be the study place...
I think it is not the amount of time spent with the book in hand that is most important but the amount of time spent with EFFICIENT studying.
For me, simply reading a book from page 1 until the end is the least efficient way. It takes too much time, it's too difficult to keep my attention on what I'm reading, and at the end I usually only remember that "aha, I've read about it" but I can't remember what exactly I've read...
So instead of this, I prefer to study by using a list of questions (or topics). At our medschoool we usually get question lists that cover the complete material of a subject from the departments before the exam. I study from question to question, look for the answer in the book(s) while reading also everything else that is closely related (from different chapters or other books if necessary). I make brief notes of every important fact that is new to me. Before the exam I read my own notes again and if there's something unclear I read that specific topic from the book again.
This way of studying is quite tiring because it requires concentration and active thinking - it's necessary to be in the study mood for it. But more efficient studying >> no need for so much time to study >> no need to be in the study mood so often! :D

I don't know how much study time you will be able to get yourself - with a full time job and a family! :) My suggestion is, whenever you are at least somewhat in the mood, try to make the most out of your study time! And when you're just not in the mood - then forget about Anatomy! I think it would be a waste of your valuable time to try to force yourself to study when your brain is just not in the receiving state. :twocents:

I wish you good luck! :)


Christina, is your 19 month-old a Little Lady or a Little Man? :)

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16 years 11 months ago #8864 by zahra

There is lots of advice floating around about finding the perfect lighting, the perfect room, flashcards vs drawings, etc. I asked a learning specialist about what makes a successful student, and he said the answer is repetition.

So, rather than taking four hours to read through some information one time... Read it through once per hour, and repeat it three more times! That is the best use of your four hours. By the third or fourth time, you'll find yourself able to repeat the information to yourself without looking except to prompt yourself.

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16 years 11 months ago #8865 by MomMD
Hi there,

Did you mean to start a poll? Or were you just looking for discussion?

Sethina :)

President, MomMD<br />Connecting Women in Medicine - Welcome all physicians, resident physicians, medical students and premedical students!

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16 years 11 months ago #8866 by CMH1974
:yes: Thank you for the great advice. I will definitely be putting them to use. I have a Little Woman, her name is Cailin. Thank you for all the advice, please post more! Thanks!

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16 years 11 months ago #8867 by rockfever
Hi christina! I love that name Cailin! I have a 13 month old boy name Caden. There is a little girl in his gymboree playgroup named Cailyn also.

Regarding studying, i know how hard it if with a child. I am just glad that my son goes to bed 7-7:30. I normally study after that. For me, in additon to many of those other tips that the others gave you, the biggest key is finding when i study best this may take some trial and error. I ideally am more of a morning person so it is better for me to get up early and study. hwover, i can't do this if i have had too little sleep. if i try to do this i am sleepier than i would have been had i stayed up. so if i am just exhausted in general, i just make myself stay up. i find that if i can get over the hurdle of intense sleepiness from 9pm-11pm , i can go for several more hours. but if/when i start med school, i am goig to try my best to sleep 6-7 hours and get up really early to get a few hours in before class.
it also helps to find creative ways to study like taping the lecture so that you can listen to it during your commute. In addtion, i read a book on speed reading. I know in med school i am going ot be expected to assimilate volumes of information so i thought this would be helpful. what i found was not so much about reading faster but reading smarter. i have only used it for one class so far and it seemed to work.
Hopefully this helps!


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