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fam med, peds or ER? hours, income, etc

11 years 1 week ago #9209 by LisaFP
1.)Family practice, out of residency 13 years.
2.)Started in private practice, then employed for large hosp group.
2.)When I was in primary care FP, 7:30-5:30, on call 2-3 evenings per month, 1 weekend per month.
3.)Patients every 15 min, with 2 30 min physicals per day. About 28 patients per day, and yes there is a lot of pressure to see more people more quickly. In that 15 minutes, you have to review records, talk to the patient, chart, do insurance co paperwork, referrals, prior-authorizations, etc., so usually I had paperwork left and often took some home.
4.)Income - about 120 K, production based which also rewards more patients and quicker visits
5.)Now I work in urgent care, make the same if you prorate it to full time (I work 14-20 hours per week).

I would say FP is the most flexible of what you listed. You can do primary care, urgent care, ER sometimes, "specialize". You will be in high demand.

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