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10 things in 10 years

10 years 9 months ago #9741 by coffeeandtea
1. Started medical school
2. Got married
3. Got my two dogs, who are basically my children
4. Got through my younger brother dying unexpectedly
5. moved in and out of 10+ places
6. Went to montreal, canada, NYC, Boston, Chicago
7. Got published
8. lost and gained the same 15 pounds 3 times
9. learned to cook
10. gotten a tattoo

things I hope to do:

1. get my m.d.
2. finish a residency and be a competent physician
3. pay back my massive school debt
4. do a mission trip to a foreign country
5. take a trip to Europe
6. have babies
7. buy a house and settle
8. learn to sew, ride a horse, and do photography
9. write a book
10. run a half marathon

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10 years 9 months ago #9742 by EarthSky
Past 10
1.Finished bachelors (biology)
2.Helped care for my terminally ill father(passed 1 yr ago)
3.Started and didn't finish a few endeavors (grad school, relationships)
4.Started a job that was empowering and healing
5.Met & married my husband (at the above mentioned job)
6.Established a habit of healthy living (maintained over a few yrs now)
7.Regained my health & most of my capacity to learn, focus & retain information
8.Traveled, spent lots of time working in the yard, learned to play golf
9.Finally figured out that quitting grad school 9 yrs ago wasn’t the end of the world (or the ultimate failure)
10.Conceived our child (expect 1st baby -a girl- in 6 wks)

Future 10
1.Regain my pre-pregnancy fitness level
2.Figure out how to have as much time with our daughter as possible while returning to grad school (Research?)
3.Continue to enjoy day by day life with my husband with the new addition of our child
4.Be more active in my faith/church
5.Find a way to spend more time with my mom – collaborate with her on more articles and books
6.Join my extended family on their annual winter trips to CO, & for other get-togethers
7.See my about-to-be-born daughter grow into a healthy & balanced child
8.Finish graduate school & post training
9.Work in my field – participate in and publish research
10.Look back (& look ahead) with a sense of fullness and gratitude

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10 years 8 months ago #9743 by ERmdmom
since 1999:
1.started medical school
2.met my future husband
3.left medical school
4.got married
5.got my mph
6.re-started medical school
7.finished medical school
8.had my first baby
9.started fabulous residency
10.had my second baby
(11. learned to live permanently sleep-deprived)

next 10 years:
1.finish residency
2.get a part-time job
3.get a big house
4.kids start school!
5.be there for my kids
6.love my husband even more than i do now (if possible)
7.stay close to friends and family
8.find my "plus" in my ER-plus career
9.hope my parents and in-laws stay as healthy and active as they are now
10.world peace!
(11. learn to live well-rested)

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10 years 8 months ago #9744 by nonny22
past 10: (chronological order)

1. Started my period (haha, wanted to put something unique!)
2. Graduated high school
3. almost married the wrong guy
4. beat bulimia
5. graduated college (biology/religion)
6. married the right guy
7. taught jr high science for a year
8. started med school/ moved across the country
9. had baby boy #1
10. had baby boy #2 (who currently WONT sleep!!!)

next 10 years:

1. finish med school / finish residency
2. Survive deployments/ both of us working terrible hours and rebuild and repair the damage to our marriage
3.Don't allow finally having money to make me materialistic- this is really a fear of mine
4. Have 2 more kids (and be done!).
5. Live closer to family
6. put a small dent in student loans.
7 finally put the kid-os' pics into scrapbooks.
8. go on international medical relief trips (and bring older kids!)
9.be an awesome cook (ie-stop burning everything)
10. Do all kinds of fun stuff with my babies who will be kids by then. I can't wait until we can enjoy things together once they stop sucking on me 12 hours a day!!

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10 years 8 months ago #9745 by emomdoc
past 10 (in order)
- found this website
- finished a BS (13 yrs after I started)
- moved my oldest child into her college dorm
- started medical school
- quit smoking
- became a grandmother
- got divorced
- finished medical school
- moved to a new state
- started residency

next 10 yrs
- finish residency
- pay off med school debt (ok it may take longer)
- lose the 15 lbs I gained after quitting smoking
- date and maybe remarry?
- become fluent in Spanish
- travel
- move my youngest child into her college dorm
- write a book
- golf more
- worry less!

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10 years 7 months ago #9746 by EternalOptimist
Since 1999 (in order)
1. had my first baby
2.learned to drive
3.started college
4.got married
5.pregnant with twins
6.graduated college
7.gave birth to twins
8.dropped school and career plans so hubby could pursue PhD
9.decided on a medical path
10.started running

Next 10 years:
1.Spend time with family (first priority)
2.run marathons
3.start and finish medical school
4.begin residency for OB/Gyn
5.prepare son for college (he'll be 19 in 10 years!)
6.travel outside the US (Europe, please)
7.finally have that honeymoon with hubby
8.start crocheting again
9.start meditating
10.stay positive and joyful

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