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4 under 5 and a hubby...can this be done?

15 years 3 months ago #9976 by Marilyn

Originally posted by pathdr2b:
I would just like to state that "being there for your kids" has different meanings for different people. Working women can "be there" or "not be there"just as much as the stay at home Mom can "be there" and "not be there" (physical location can mean nothing). I refuse to let society (or anyone else for that matter) define for me what "being there" for my child means to me. :yes:

That is an absolutltly true statement, I agree!


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15 years 3 months ago #9977 by Eli
Wow!!! I finally found someone in the same dilema as myself. I think its great that all of you are taking your time in taking pre-recs, and taking care of the kids, but how old will you be by the time you start med school?
I am now 30y/o, have a degree in Bio and Psy, and am pretty ready to start. I'll be taking a few graduate classes to improve my academic status (taking the admitions comm. oppinion) over the next year, but I still can't stop thinking about my gilrs (2y/o and 7 month old).
So you ask what's my deal...just take your time and do what you girls are doing... well no can do. My lovely husband can't wait to see me in medical school. He is very presistent about it, and says he just doesn't want me to do nothing w/ myself (not that being a stay at home mom is doing nothing :boxedin: Dammed if I do and dammed if I don't :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: .

"The strength of our present state of mind will always be the master of our destiny" Bhante Wimala

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15 years 3 months ago #9978 by mommdtobe
I know what you mean! Damned if you do and don't. After giving my current situation alot of thought I have come to this conclusion for myself...and of course everyone has to come to their own conclusions.

I CHOSE to go down a completely non-medical path in college. (Journalism and art history) We CHOSE to get married and proceed to have four beautiful babies. It was a CHOICE for me to stay home with them since I could freelance from home.

So for me to go to medical school full-time while trying to juggle motherhood and being a wife at the same time seems out of line with the judgement that we have so far had in our married life. Sooooo after giving thought to why would I want to throw the family into turmoil at this point and also thinking about other alternatives to being a Dr. I came up with nursing. I believe the field would give me more flexibility to do what I want in women's health and more time with my family in the long run. I know that going back to school in any capacity will put stress on our lives. But two or three years in school is alot more reasonable than 4 plus 2 or more of training.

I have a friend who has three children and she wrestled with the same demons...wanted to be a doc etc. She decided that since she CHOSE to be a wife and mother first, that needed to play out and stay a priority over anything else. That just really clicked with me and helped my think it through a bit more clearly. She is now a neonatal intensive care nurse and has a hectic schedule. But when she goes home to her kids, she is home with her kids and isn't thinking about work or call or anything like that. She also said that the pay is very nice and she gets to make a difference in people's lives...which is really the crux of it for me. I just want to help people and I don't know that having the MD or DO attached to my name is really necessary for me to attain my goal.

Best of luck to you! I'll be interested to hear what it is that YOU decide to do. I hope that you do what is right for you and your career and not just base your decision on what your husband wants you to do.

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