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4 years 2 weeks ago - 4 years 1 week ago #95335 by Administrator
The New MomMD forum is HERE! We hope you will enjoy using the new forum as much as we do. If you run into any issues though, or have any questions, just post them here. Looking forward to your feedback.

The MomMD Team
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4 years 1 week ago #95357 by AmmaMD

Thanks for your work keeping this great forum up to date!

I'm having some trouble with being able to easily see and quickly go to new messages in the new forum. Some it's that it's visually less obvious to me where there are new messages than it was with the red numbers - this may partly be just getting used to the new format. But, there are two other things I'm noticing:

1) When I open the forum and scan through to see where there are new messages, and then go to eg one section to read a new message or two and reply but without going back to the index or looking at any other directories before closing the tab and getting back to work - and then later during another break I go to the forum again to see the new messages in another subdirectory - it will show up as all of the new messages already having been read. This is a bummer, given that I will almost never be logging in with long enough to read all new messages in one sitting.

2) When I go to a thread with a new message, it used to take me directly to the first post marked new - but now it just starts at the very beginning and I have to click through to find where the ones new to me start. Half the time I just end up giving up, if it's a long thread.

Are these things a matter of settings that can just be adjusted?


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4 years 1 week ago #95358 by Administrator
Hi AmmaMD,

We appreciate your feedback! Hopefully I can answer your first question easily, but if my explanation does not match your experience, please let me know. I will follow up on your second point in another post.

Just so we use the same terminology: When you log in and are on the main forum page (the "Index" tab), you see your main forums (Women In Medicine, Mentoring & Physician Networking, Medical Education, and Miscellaneous). Within each forum are the categories (General Discussion, etc.) and within the categories are the Topics which contain the individual posts.

In the main Index page, you will see blue folders next to categories with NO new topics/posts, and Green folders next to categories that DO contain new topics/posts.

If you look to the right of a category name that contains topics with new posts, you will see green text in parentheses that says, for example, "(3 New)". This indicates that there are three topics in the category that contain new posts. The green font is too small in my opinion; I will see if there's anything we can do to increase the font size.

If you enter the category, you will see that the topics that contain new posts appear at the top and again, have green text to the right of the topic name, this time indicating the number of new posts within the topic.

If you read only one of the 3 topics and exit the category, returning to the Index page, the ("3 New") should change to ("2 New") but the folder should still be green. When you reenter the category, the topic you already read will no longer have the green "new" text, but the other two topics should still have it.

I'm sorry to be so verbose, but I hope you are able to follow my explanation. An alternate option would be to view the “Recent Topics” tab instead of the “Index” tab, but in this view, you don’t have the colored folders. You have to depend on the green “(# NEW)” text. Once you enter a topic, it is assumed that you have read all the new posts within the topic. That was the same in the other forum, though, so I don’t think this is your issue.

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4 years 1 week ago #95359 by Administrator

In response to your second question:

I actually had the same concern yesterday and we are trying to figure out how to configure things so that the screen jumps right to the unread posts, just as it used to in the old forum. I hope you will bear with us while we figure this out and that it won't discourage you from participating in the meantime. For now, if there is more than one page of posts within a topic, you have to select the last page and then scroll if necessary.

While I personally don’t like viewing the posts in reverse order (last post first), you do have the option of editing your profile settings to make them display that way (until we resolve the issue). You would then just scroll down to the last post you have already seen, and read your way back up to the top. If you want to do that, select the “Profile” tab, click “Edit”, and in the submenu tabs, select “Forum Settings,” and the select your Preferred Message Ordering from its dropdown menu.

We welcome all your feedback and hope to make our forum as user-friendly as possible.

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4 years 1 week ago - 4 years 1 week ago #95361 by Administrator
UPDATE on 2nd question!

We learned something new tonight... if you click on either "(# NEW)" or on the "paper" icon (appears in place of the folder icon when viewing the topic list), you will be linked to the new posts instead of entering the topic at the first post.

"New" status apparently resets 60 minutes after your last visit to the site. That may be what you are encountering, AmmaMD. When this happens, clicking "(# NEW)" or on the "paper" icon takes you to the last post in the topic. We will continue to research whether it is possible to turn off the 60 minute reset.
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4 years 5 days ago #95366 by AmmaMD
Thank you so much for looking into all of this! Sorry to have been slow getting responses in.

I'm not sure if this will help clarify: if I go to the forums page when I haven't been in a little while, I will see a few scattered green folders. If I forget that I just opened the tap and immediately click "index" to reload it to make sure it's up to date - they will all disappear and it will look like there is nothing new at all. So, it's not just the 60minute thing, right?

Thanks again for your help with this!

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