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Trying to go get back to residency after time off

4 years 5 months ago #95629 by Dr. Tarah
Hi fellows. :)
This is my first post as a member of this interesting site :blush: . I am a general physician working at ER for like 4 years by now :whistle: . i ve been graduated in 2011 , and i was eager to start studying for the entrace exam last year but my accountance with my newly wedded husband came up and i couldnt take it :dry: . I tried to study for this year after our wedding in september :oops: but other difficulties came up and it didnt go well :unsure:
I cant bear the thought of not continuing my studies :( , i love medicine and i feel the need to continue :S but ....
Plz put your comments an encouragements for me. I'd be glad to read your encouraging posts :kiss:

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