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Family Life as a Pediatric Hospitalist?

4 years 5 months ago #95622 by MDMomToBe
I am an MS3 with an almost 2 year old and a second on the way (11 weeks pregnant). I am really leaning heavily towards choosing peds as a specialty, but with the intention to become a peds hospitalist. I LOVED my time on inpatient wards, but think if I was planning on only doing outpatient peds, I might actually consider a different specialty. So with that said, I wanted to make sure I had a good handle on all things peds hospitalist. I have had some people tell me that being a hospitalist is a burn out job, and others tell me you can set up a great schedule to be a very involved mom. Anyone willing to share with me their current schedules and their happiness levels? (My husband's career also took a hit for me to go back to Med school, so we don't think that part time work will really be an option for us.) Also, I have heard that in a few years it will be required to complete a 1 year pediatric hospitalist fellowhsip,but I can't seem to find any official information on that online. Any insight you can share would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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4 years 5 months ago #95628 by lyn2006
I can't speak specifically to peds hospitalist as a specialty but I have a lot of friends who are adult hospitalists and there are pros and cons to the schedule. Yes, it's nice to have every other week off (which is about what they average) but when you're working, well, you're working really hard for that week. I've had some say that it seemed like a much better schedule before they had kids. Once they had kids they realized that the weeks they are on service they rarely see their kids and it's not quite made up in the "off" weeks, especially once the kids are a little older and in school/ activities, etc. They spent lots of time traveling on their off weeks before kids, but you can't realistically do that once you have kids.

However, it's a very personal decision and many specialities are going to require a lot of work for a full time schedule. This might be one that works well for your family. Personally, with a physician husband, I wanted a job where I had a somewhat predictable schedule. Of course, I realized this as a resident (not before medical school, which would have been more helpful and I could have done something else ;) ) but was lucky that in anesthesia these jobs exist and I am able to work "full time" (40 hrs/week) in 4 days (3 long days, 1 short day) and get paid extra if I decide to take call (which I do depending on my husband's schedule). I'm not sure there are many specialities where this is an option though.

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