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Taking 2 years off med school: back to back babies

4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #95731 by op007
tl:dr: How negatively would this be perceived by FM programs?

More detail, and please discuss!

Born in 1984. Class of 2015 now 2016. super fancy med school, but really a terrible student. I think I'm prob my dean's headache. Got high pass on everything, and one pass in surgery.

Baby 1 in Feb. Return to 4th year in May. Ugh, started wanting to finish most of 4th year requirements, and have back to back baby, and graduate when baby 1 is 2-ish, and baby 2 is 1.

I have been working on a fairly lucrative medically related business during this year off, and possibly continue doing that. Did a small part of a Traditional Chinese medicine masters program the past 9 months off. But let's be honest, I am a hustler, so this business is a side thing. This time is really for babies and husband. Student loans, finances not a problem at all.

Interested in going into FM. Another thing is I decided on FM almost too late, my school does not have a FM department, and I would really have to scramble to get a letter from FM. The earliest I can do an away at a FM department would be Sep.

The considerations have I have are
1. Things don't get easier the further along training you are. At least until it's over, and I just don't want to wait until it's over. I'm already 31 this year.
2. My husband is in a hard charging phase of his career, and if we can stack our busy years a little bit, he would have more time with the kids. He does love the baby
3. All the grandparents are retiring in 1 or 2 years! Unlimited childcare!
4. Once the kids are daycare age, they can do daycare with grandparents after school care.
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4 years 11 months ago #95740 by efex101
it will not be viewed favorably but others have done it albeit it may take more than one try and you may have to apply very broadly.

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