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criminal record and residency

3 years 1 day ago #96042 by bsmom
I have 2 convictions for DUI (2005 & 2009). I will be applying for the 2017 Match and will need to disclose these on ERAS. Should I discuss my criminal record in my personal statement or wait until (if) I am offered an interview? And as a general inquiry, has anyone ever been offered a residency/licensure with such a sordid past?

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2 years 11 months ago #96044 by sahmd
Sorry, I have no idea, but in the absence of any other responses, I will just mention some things that come to mind. I know plenty of doctors who have had DUI convictions as attendings and are still practicing, but that is not exactly your situation. Have you asked your medical school? If they knew about these convictions when they accepted you, they must have felt that you could still be successful in the match.

As for licensure, it seems that every state has different requirements for everything, so you would probably want to apply for residency in states that would not automatically deny your application because of those convictions. (You will have to get a license in the state where you do residency.) You might even want to ask the lawyer who defended you to research which states would be better and which ones to avoid. I can't tell from a quick internet search, and your lawyer would also know the details about your situation that might be relevant.

As you probably know, certain specialties are very sensitive to the issue of addiction, such as anesthesiology, which has a very high rate of addiction (and death from drug overdoses). Common sense suggests that anesthesia residencies would be more likely to shy away from any applicant who has even a hint of a problem with substance abuse (even if that was not the case with you). But specialties with a lower risk of addiction and less access to lethal drugs might be more accepting.

I hope you are able to find some reassuring answers. Good luck!
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