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Reentering after extended absence; hire a lawyer?

1 year 11 months ago #96791 by Dorothy
Thank you. I'll keep you posted. And thank you for taking the time to help me out - that is very much appreciated

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1 year 9 months ago #96843 by Dorothy
I did not hire a lawyer. I contacted the medical society in my state and asked if I could speak with someone in their legal department or, after explaining my situation, with anyone who might be able to help me or advocate for me. They were very receptive - even though I am not a paying member of the society. I received a call from a member who also serves on my state's Medical Board and who is on that Board's task force for physician reentry (who knew?). He was wonderful. He listened to my story and was very eager to have me email to him a summary of my experience so that he could present it at the Board's next meeting. He has remained in touch. While he was not able to help me directly (yet), just having someone else in my corner, and perhaps someone on the State Medical Board especially, may come in handy.
Since my last entry here, I have been able to set into motion the planning of a "mini-fellowship" at a different hospital in the same system that I had been trying to enter. This may just work! I have agreed to work for the hospital for a year in return for allowing me to "retrain" with them - a no brainer since work is exactly what I'm looking to do.

So, I have not pursued the legal track any further, but I haven't ruled it out for future if this does not pan out. I do not know yet whether a lawyer could help me; but I'm not shutting down any avenue.

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